How can solar energy solve the problem to some extent in India?

How can solar energy solve the energy problem in some extent in India?

The use of solar energy can minimize the dependence of rural families on firewood and dung cakes which results in a lot of pollution and is detrimental for the lungs. … By this way, solar energy can solve the energy problem to some extent in India.

How can solar energy be a solution for this problem?

Solar Power can reduce and eliminate the release of dangerous pollutants into the atmosphere like carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous causing greenhouse gases and hazardous air. The most significant percentage of toxic water pollution comes from coal-fired power plants.

Why do you think that India has vast potential of solar energy in future?

It has bright future in India because (a) Many parts (regions) of the country received sunlight on 300 days annually and so it becomes possible to generate 20 MW solar energy per square kilometer in such areas.

Why should we use renewable energy resources?

Benefits of Renewable Energy

Generating energy that produces no greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuels and reduces some types of air pollution. Diversifying energy supply and reducing dependence on imported fuels. Creating economic development and jobs in manufacturing, installation, and more.

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How does solar power help the environment?

Help the environment and help us all.

Solar power systems derive clean, pure energy from the sun. Installing solar panels on your home helps combat greenhouse gas emissions and reduces our collective dependence on fossil fuel. Traditional electricity is sourced from fossil fuels such as coal and natural gas.

Why solar energy is not widely used in India?

Solar panels use expensive semiconductor material to generate electricity directly from sunlight. Semiconductor factories need ‘clean’ manufacturing environments and are expensive to build & maintain. The efficiency of solar cells is only about 22%. The rest of the sunlight that strikes the panel is wasted as heat.

Why solar energy is an ideal choice for country in India?

This is an inexhaustible source of energy and the best replacement to other non-renewable energies in India. Solar energy is environment friendly. When in use, it does not release CO2 and other gases which pollute the air. Hence it is very suitable for India, India being one of the most polluted countries of the world.