Your question: Why is a moderator needed in a nuclear reactor?

What is the function of the moderator?

Moderators are the substance that slows down the neutrons in nuclear reactors. Moderators are made up of materials with light nuclei that do not absorb the neutrons but slow down the speed of neutrons by a series of successive collisions.

What is the function of moderators in nuclear reactor 1 point?

Explanation: The function of moderators in nuclear reactor is to slow down the secondary neutrons.

Why graphite is used as a moderator in nuclear reactor?

The graphite bricks act as a moderator. They reduce the speed of neutrons and allow a nuclear reaction to be sustained.

What is the function of moderator and reflector in nuclear power plant?

function in nuclear reactor

A reflector is a region of unfueled material surrounding the core. Its function is to scatter neutrons that leak from the core, thereby returning some of them back into the core.

Which material is used as moderator?

Typical materials used for this purpose are hydrogen, deuterium (heavy hydrogen), and carbon. The moderator and coolant may be the same (e.g., water) or may be separate materials (e.g., gaseous coolant and solid graphite moderator).

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Which material is used as controller in nuclear reactor?

A rod, plate, or tube containing a material such as hafnium, boron, etc., used to control the power of a nuclear reactor. By absorbing neutrons, a control rod prevents the neutrons from causing further fissions.

Is boron used as a moderator in nuclear reactor?

Boron 10 is an efficient absorber of slow neutrons, used in PWR reactors. A small amount of boric water is mixed with the primary water that serves as a coolant and moderator in the core. The hydrogen protons of the primary water slow the neutrons down by a series of collisions until they are absorbed by boron nuclei.

What is the main function of moderator Mcq?

The moderator is used to slow down the neutrons by absorbing some of the kinetic energy of neutrons by direct collision and thereby increasing the chances of fission.

What is the main function of moderator 1 point?

For more effective use in nuclear reactor it is desirable to slow down the fast neutrons to speed corresponding to the speed of molecules of gas at normal temperature and pressure. This is accomplished with the help of moderator.