What is electrical engineering and specify its classifications?

What are the four categories of electrical engineering?

Electrical engineering has now subdivided into a wide range of subfields including electronics, digital computers, computer engineering, power engineering, telecommunications, control systems, robotics, radio-frequency engineering, signal processing, instrumentation, and microelectronics.

What are the specializations in electrical engineering?

Other electrical engineering specializations include semiconductors, nanoelectronics, electrophysics, microsystems, optics and photonics, signal and image processing, network systems, computer networking, remote sensing and space systems, circuits and Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI).

What are the 3 branches of electrical engineering?

Branches of electrical engineering

  • Power engineering.
  • Control engineering.
  • Electronic engineering.
  • Microelectronics.
  • Signal processing.
  • Telecommunications engineering.
  • Instrumentation engineering.
  • Computer engineering.

What are the three major types of electrical engineering?

Power engineering. Control engineering. Electronic engineering.

Which is the best field in electrical engineering?

Here are some of the top job options that involve electrical engineering:

  1. Electrical technician. National average salary: $51,275 per year. …
  2. Electrician. National average salary: $52,049 per year. …
  3. Controls engineer. …
  4. Test engineer. …
  5. Electrical project manager. …
  6. Electrical designer. …
  7. Sustainability engineer. …
  8. Electrical engineer.
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