Question: What countries are building new nuclear power plants?

Are there any new nuclear plants being built?

The newest nuclear reactor to enter service, Watts Bar Unit 2 with 1,122 MW net summer electricity generating capacity, began commercial operation in October 2016. Two new nuclear reactors are actively under construction: Vogtle Units 3 and 4 in Georgia.

Which country is building a lot of nuclear energy plants?

China has the fastest growing nuclear power program with 13 new reactors under construction, and a considerable number of new reactors are also being built in India, Russia and South Korea.


Country South Korea
Reactors Operational 24
U/C 4
Capacity Net-total (MWe) 23,150
Generated electricity (GWh) 152,583

How many nuclear power plants are being built right now?

In 2020 these provided 2553 TWh, about 10% of the world’s electricity. About 50 power reactors are currently being constructed in 19 countries (see Table below), notably China, India, Russia and the United Arab Emirates.

How many new nuclear power plants are being built in the world?

As of May 2021, there were 52 nuclear reactors under construction worldwide, with the majority being built in China.

Number of under construction nuclear reactors worldwide as of May 2021, by country.

Characteristic Number of reactors
China 14
India 6
South Korea 4
United Arab Emirates 3
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Which is the most powerful nuclear country?

Number of nuclear warheads worldwide 2021

Russia and the United States continue to possess the most extensive nuclear arsenals. The former has 6,255 warheads, while the U.S. maintains 5,550. The third largest holder of these weapons is China, with less than a tenth the supply of either former Cold War power.

Which country has most nuclear bombs?

Nuclear Weapons, by Country

Country Total Warheads (2021) % of Total
Russia 6,257 47.7%
U.S. 5,550 42.3%
China 350 2.67%
France 290 2.21%