Does electric field lines have physical existence?

Do field lines actually exist?

4 Answers. The electric and magnetic fields are real things: they can store energy and transfer momentum. “Field lines” or “lines of force” are a visualization tool suitable for drawing vector fields. They are maps of the fields and the fields are real things.

Do electric field lines really exist what is about the field they represent?

Electric lines of force are drawn to point out the direction of electric field. They originate from positive charge and terminate at negative charge. … It is a diagrammatic way to represent electric field, which is a vector quantity.

Do field lines and electric fields actually exist?

Do field lines and electric fields actually exist? … electric fields do, but field lines do not. Field lines provide a model of an electric field but electric fields provide a method of calculating the force on a charged body.

Are magnetic field lines real or imaginary?

Hint: Magnetic field lines are also known as magnetic lines of force. It is actually imaginary lines to easily learn about electromagnetism. It will be easy to understand the properties of field lines if you draw the magnetic lines of force for a bar magnet.

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Do magnetic field lines have physical reality?

electric field. … used to indicate the direction of. magnetic field in a point.

What do electric field lines of force represent?

The electric lines of force represent the field of a positive electric charge in space. It consists of a family of straight lines that radiate uniformly in all directions from where the charge originates.

How do we know electric fields exist?

The test charge serves as a detector of the field. The direction of is that of the force on a positive test charge. The SI units of are N/C. We can also say that an electric field exists at a point if a test charge at that point experiences an electric force.