Best answer: What are two ways a wind turbine generator can be cooled?

What are 2 ways a generator can be cooled in a wind turbine?

Generators can be segregated into two basic cooling methods for the stator and rotor windings: 1. Direct cooling — The cooling fluid such as air, hydrogen or water comes in direct contact with the copper conductors and extracts the losses and transports the heat to heat exchangers.

What are two common types of generators used in wind energy production?

There are many different types of generators used today in wind turbines, but the most common types are asynchronous generators. The two types most commonly used are the squirrel cage induction generator and the wound rotor induction generator—also known as a doubly feed induction generator (DFIG).

Do wind turbines use AC or DC generators?

Wind turbines work on a very simple principle: the wind turns the blades, which causes the axis to rotate, which is attached to a generator, which produces DC electricity, which is then converted to AC via an inverter that can then be passed on to power your home.

Do wind turbines require water for cooling?

To supply the nation’s total electricity demand, thermoelectric power plants use more than 200 billion gallons of water for cooling – EVERY DAY. … They also save the state millions of gallons of water because wind turbines require virtually no water to generate electricity.

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What type of cooling system is used in the large power plants?

What type of cooling system is used in the large power plants? Explanation: In large power plants cooling towers are used in the place of cooling ponds. A cooling tower is a wooden or metallic rectangular structure, with packed baffling devices.