Your question: What episode of The Office is Scranton The Electric City?

Were any office episodes filmed in Scranton?

The Office wasn’t taped in Scranton, but its goal of portraying real-life in a small town life led to close ties with the local businesses, a relationship that put the town in front of millions of American viewers.

What does Electric city mean?

The Electric City earned its nickname in 1880 when electric lights were used throughout the city and were the first in the nation to have streetcars powered exclusively by the city’s electricity.

What about when Jan said the branch was closing?

I don’t have a ton of contact with the Scranton branch, but before I left I took a box of Dwight’s stationary.

The Office Season 3 Quotes – Branch Closing.

Dwight Schrute: What were your favorite moments?
Dwight Schrute: What about when Jan said the branch was closing?
Michael Scott: God, Dwight.
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