You asked: Which power plant has longest physical life?

Which plant have longest expected life?


plant maximum age in years
conifers Sierra redwood (Sequoiadendron giganteum) 4,000
monocotyledonous flowering plants dragon tree (Dracaena draco) 200*
Solomon’s seal (Polygonatum) 17**

How long would a nuclear power plant last unmanned?

As the average age of American reactors approaches 40 years old, experts say there are no technical limits to these units churning out clean and reliable energy for an additional 40 years or longer.

Which power plant has the longest physical life?

The components of a hydroelectric power plant including turbine, generator and the concrete dam are so resilient in construction that their life may be as long as 100 years or even longer.

Which powerplant has maximum operating cost Mcq?

Explanation: To supply base load the operation cost should be minimum, but Diesel power plant has very high operating cost. Diesel power plants are best suitable to supply peak loads.

Which power plant is considering operating cost?

Steam plant. Nuclear plant. Hydroelectric plant has minimum operating cost in large part due to the free availability of water.

Which of the power plant has maximum efficiency?

Explanation: The Hydropower Plant is the power plant with the Highest Efficiency. A hydropower plant has lowest losses during the conversion processes.

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