You asked: What is a electric motor write construction principle and working along with well Labelled diagram?

What is an electric motor what is its principle construction and working?

Electric motor: A motor is a device which converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. Principle of motor : A motor works on the principle that when a rectangular coil is placed in a magnetic field and current is passed through it. A force acts on the coil which rotates it continuously.

What is the working principle of an electric motor explain clearly its construction and working method with appropriate diagram?

A power supply – In general, a simple motor has a DC power source. It provides power for the armature of the motor or field coils. Field Magnet (can be a permanent magnet or an electromagnet) – The magnetic field by virtue of Fleming’s left-hand law, helps to produce a torque on the rotating armature coil.

What is electric motor explain with diagram?

1) When electric is passed into the rectangular coil, magnetic field is produced around the coil. 2)The magnetic field of horse shoe type interacts with the magnetic field on the coil and causes the coil to rotate continuously.

What is motor explain?

1 : one that imparts motion specifically : prime mover. 2 : any of various power units that develop energy or impart motion: such as. a : a small compact engine. b : internal combustion engine especially : a gasoline engine. c : a rotating machine that transforms electrical energy into mechanical energy.

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How will you increase the efficiency of an electric motor Class 10?

For every 10 degrees celcius that the temperature of a motor is raised, the insulation life is reduced by 50%. Ensuring that the operating environment is kept cool is the easiest way to keep the temperature of a motor down. This will help to prevent breakdowns, increasing the efficiency of your electric motor.