Which substance will conduct electricity in both the solid and liquid phase?

What type of substance can conduct electricity in liquid phase but not solid phase?

Which type of substance can conduct electricity in the liquid phase but NOT in the solid phase? An ionic compound.

What solid conducts electricity in the liquid state?

Generally, ionic crystals form from a combination of Group 1 or 2 metals and Group 16 or 17 nonmetals or nonmetallic polyatomic ions. Ionic crystals are hard and brittle and have high melting points. Ionic compounds do not conduct electricity as solids, but do conduct electricity when molten or in aqueous solution.

Which type of solid is conductor in solid and liquid?

The substances which can conduct a good amount of electricity through them are known as the good electricity conductors. These conductors can be both liquid and solid. Every metal is a good electricity solid conductor, such as iron,copper, silver. Non-metals like graphite is also a good solid electricity conductor.

What type of substances did not conduct electricity when solid?

Ionic substances will not conduct electricity as solids. This is due to the fact that ions are not free to move in a solid as they are arranged in an ionic lattice. When an ionic substance is dissolved in solution or molten the ionic lattice is broken down allowing the ions to move freely and so conduction occurs.

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What type of substance can conduct electricity in the solid and liquid phases?

Metals typically 1) are excellent conductors of heat and electricity in both solid and liquid phase, 2) are malleable, 3) are white and shiny, 4) are not soluble in any common solvent, polar or non-polar, and 5) have a wide-range of melting points that are mostly higher than the melting points of polar solids.

Which substance is a conductor of electricity in the liquid phase?

Explanation: Salts when they are added to water can split into their corresponding ions which will serve as shuttles to electrons and therefore, the solution will be conductive.

Which substance is a good conductor of electricity when solid?

Best to Worst – Which Metal is the Best Conductor of Electricity

1 Silver (Pure)
2 Copper (Pure)
3 Gold (Pure)
4 Aluminum
5 Zinc

What bond is a good conductor as a solid or liquid?

The characteristics of metallic bonds explain a number of the unique properties of metals: Metals are good conductors of electricity because the electrons in the electron sea are free to flow and carry electric current. Metals are ductile and malleable because local bonds can be easily broken and reformed.

What are solid conductors?

Solid conductors are made of one single piece of wire, such as the bare thermocouple wire. The solid conductors are rigid and simple. Due to the thickness of the wires, they have a high resistance. Mostly, solid conductors are used for heavy duty applications. …

What are liquid conductors?

liquid conductor’s are sodium Argento cynide, copper sulphate solution which should be acidified with sulphuric acid and water is the most common conductor.

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