Which of the following types of radiation has the lowest energy quizlet?

Which of the following types of radiation has the shortest wavelength quizlet?

The electromagnetic radiation that has the shortest wavelength is gamma ray and radio waves have the longest wavelength.

What is the correct order of lowest to highest energy?

The order of energy from least to greatest is: microwaves, infrared, red, ultraviolet, and gamma waves.

Which of the following has the lowest frequency?

Answer: Microwaves as the lowest frequency in the list.

Which form of radiation has the lowest frequency quizlet?

The 7 main electromagnetic waves in order from lowest frequency to highest frequency:

  • radio waves.
  • microwaves.
  • infrared waves.
  • light.
  • ultraviolet waves (rays)
  • x-rays.
  • gamma rays.

Which type of light has the lowest energy of this group Quizizz?

Gamma Rays have the shortest wavelength, and highest frequency. Gamma Rays have the lowest energy on the EM Spectrum.

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