Which of the following is a similarity between wind power and solar power?

Are wind and solar energy the same?

Wind is technically a form of solar energy. When the sun’s radiation heats Earth’s uneven surface, hot air rises and cool air settles. This difference in atmospheric pressure creates wind, a kinetic (motion-based) form of energy. Wind turbines capture that kinetic energy.

How is wind energy related to solar energy quizlet?

How is wind energy related to solar energy? Wind energy is the result of the sun’s producing wind. Solar energy heats windmills and allows them to conduct electricity. Wind energy produces solar energy.

What are the advantages of solar and wind power?

Wind and solar energy provide air-quality, public health, and greenhouse gas emission benefits as they reduce reliance on combustion-based electricity generation. In the United States, these benefits vary dramatically by region and over time.

How wind energy is a form of solar energy?

Wind energy, form of solar energy that is produced by the movement of air relative to Earth’s surface. This form of energy is generated by the uneven heating of Earth’s surface by the Sun and is modified by Earth’s rotation and surface topography.

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Why is wind energy considered as another form of solar energy?

Answer:Winds are formed on the surface of the earth due to uneven heating of the earths surface. The heat energy of sun is converted to the kinetic and pressure energy of air which blows as wind. … So, yes electricity generated by a wind is another form of solar energy.

What are wind and solar energy examples of?

Technologies like solar and wind power are becoming more common across the globe, and are both examples of renewable energy sources. There are several ways to generate power from renewable sources.

What do solar energy and wind energy have in common?

The first important similarity of wind energy and solar energy is that both of them are renewable. … Obviously, these two kinds of energy both come from the nature, which are totally recycled. Another similarity is that both wind energy and solar energy cause almost no pollution to the environment.

How are wind hydroelectric and solar energy related to the sun quizlet?

How are wind, hydroelectric, and solar energy related to the sun? … The water cycle is driven directly by solar energy. When the sun heats the water in the ocean, some of the water on the surface is vaporized.

What sort of energy is associated with energy from wind quizlet?

wind turbine blades capture kinetic energy from the wind and turn it into mechanical energy, spinning a generator that creates electricity.

What is solar energy quizlet?

Solar energy is the conversion of solar radiation to other forms of practical energy like electricity or heat. … Photovoltaic cells are basically parts of a solar panel which convert sunlight to energy.

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