Which hydroelectric project is in Jammu and Kashmir?

Which hydro electricity project is in Jammu and Kashmir?

Hydro Electric Projects in Jammu and Kashmir

# Name River
1 Baglihar Stage- I Hydroelectric Project Chenab
2 Chenani Hydroelectric Project River Tawi tributary of Chenab
3 Chenani-III Hydroelectric Project Tawi
4 Chutak Hydroelectric Project Suru

Which is currently the biggest power generation project of Jammu and Kashmir?

The 1000 MW Pakal Dul hydroelectric project, located in Kishtwar district, will be the largest Hydro Power Project in Jammu and Kashmir after it is constructed. The 330 MW Kishanganga Hydro Electric Project, located in Bandipora District of Jammu and Kashmir a run of river scheme.

How many projects are there in Jammu and Kashmir?


Sl No Project Name Location
7 Lower Kalnai Hydroelectric Project* Jammu & Kashmir
8 Setting up of 330 MW Kishenganga hydel power unit in Baramulla district* Jammu & Kashmir
9 Water Supply (Jammu) Project Jammu & Kashmir
10 Dah Hydro Electric Power Project Jammu & Kashmir

How many dams are there in Jammu and Kashmir?

Dams in Jammu and Kashmir

# Name Length (m)
5 Niu Karewa Storage Yusmarg Dam 227
6 Pakal Dul Dam 305
7 Salal (Rockfill And Concrete ) Dam 487
8 Sewa St II Dam 114

Which is the first hydroelectric project in India?

A project with capacity of 130 kW installed at Sidrapong ( Darjeeling ) in the year 1897 was the first hydropower installation in India .

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