Which electric field is possible?

What is the strongest electric field?

Field-Line Patterns

The relative magnitude of the electric field is proportional to the density of the field lines. Where the field lines are close together the field is strongest; where the field lines are far apart the field is weakest.

What are three examples of electric fields?

Light, X- rays, radio waves, microwaves etc. contains electric field component’s in it. There is an external electric field in a current carrying conductor. Electric fields are generated by charges and charge configurations such as capacitors.

How do you find the possible electric field?

If the electric potential is known at every point in a region of space, the electric field can be derived from the potential. In vector calculus notation, the electric field is given by the negative of the gradient of the electric potential, E = −grad V.

What is electric field and explain with example?

Electric field can be defined as the region of space around an electrically charged particle or an object in which the charge body experiences force. Examples: -Electric fields are generated by the charges and its configurations such as the capacitors and the battery cells.

Where are electric fields used?

We discuss a wide range of applications of electric fields in biology and medicine. For example, physiological strength (improve the healing of wounds, the stimulation of neurons, and the positioning and activation of cells on scaffolds for tissue engineering purposes.

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