What will happen when the dipole is placed in a non uniform electric field?

What happens when you put a dipole in an electric field?

If a permanent dipole is placed in an external electric field, it results in a torque that aligns it with the external field. If a nonpolar atom (or molecule) is placed in an external field, it gains an induced dipole that is aligned with the external field.

What will happen if electric field is not uniform?

(ii) What will happen, if the field were not uniform? (i) Consider an electric dipole placed in a uniform electric field at an angle θ with the field. The dipole will experience a torque. (ii) In case of non-uniform field, force acting on both the ends will not be equal.

What happens when we keep a dipole in a uniform external electric field?

When an electric dipole is placed in a uniform field, it experiences a torque. This torque tries to align the dipole in the direction of the field.

What will happen to a dipole placed in a non uniform electric field?

When a dipole is placed in an electric field, the opposite charges on the dipole both experience a force due to the electric field. … Hence the dipole will experience both force and torque when placed in a non uniform electric field.

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What is meant by non uniform electric field?

When magnitude and direction of electric intensity are not the same at all the points in the electric field, then it is called a non-uniform electric field.

What happens if the field is uniform?

A uniform electric field is a field in which the value of the field strength remains the same at all points. In a uniform electric field, as the field strength does not change and the field lines tend to be parallel and equidistant to each other. They are equally spaced.

What happens if the external field E is parallel to P and II antiparallel to P?

In the first case, the electric field is increasing parallel to ‘p’. Thus that means the electric field on the positive charge will be larger than that on negative charge. Hence positive charge will experience more force than negative charge. … Hence negative charge will experience more force than positive charge.

How does an electric dipole behave in an external electric field?

When a dipole is in the presence of an external electric field, the dipole will be unaffected, because it has a net charge of zero. … There is no net charge on the dipole because it has equal but opposite charges, but the the dipole rotates clockwise due to a torque that aligns the dipole with the electric field.