What type of energy is elastic?

What is elastic energy based on?

The amount of elastic potential energy stored in such a device is related to the amount of stretch of the device – the more stretch, the more stored energy. Springs are a special instance of a device that can store elastic potential energy due to either compression or stretching.

What are examples of elastic potential energy?

Many objects are designed specifically to store elastic potential energy, for example:

  • The coil spring of a wind-up clock.
  • An archer’s stretched bow.
  • A bent diving board, just before a divers jump.
  • The twisted rubber band which powers a toy airplane.
  • A bouncy ball, compressed at the moment it bounces off a brick wall.

What is elastic potential energy and kinetic energy?

Elastic potential energy is the energy stored in a springy material when the material is stretched, compressed, or otherwise deformed. When the material returns to its original shape, the potential energy is released, usually as kinetic energy. … The more an object is deformed, the more stored energy it has.

Is a rope elastic energy?

Tension is a force associated with the pulling of an object such as a rope, cable, or chain. It is very similar to elastic potential energy. Pulling on the ends of the rope stretches these “springs” ever so slightly, and the tension force is the net “spring force” exerted by the billions of microscopic springs. …

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What has the most elastic potential energy?

Elastic potential energy is energy stored in objects that can be stretched or compressed, such as trampolines, rubber bands and bungee cords. The more an object can stretch, the more elastic potential energy it has.

What is elastic force example?

1.An example of elastic force is bungee jumping.

The farther the elastic is stretched, the more force it exerts to return back to its original shape. The jumper is being pulled down to the ground by gravity, and the cord, resisting and trying to pull back to its original shape and length, is exerting the elastic force.

Is elastic potential energy kinetic?

In the case of an elastic or spring, you physically pull or push to convert kinetic (movement) energy into elastic potential energy. The more force you apply to it, the more potential energy is stored, and the more kinetic energy it will produce when you let it go!