What towing electrics do I need for a caravan?

What type of electrics do I need for towing a caravan?

Single 7 Pin Electrics also known as 12(N), are fitted as standard with any towbar. They provide power from the towbar to the lights on a trailer or caravan. If you’re only going to be towing a trailer this is all you need.

Can 13 pin convert to 7 pin?

A 13 pin to 7 pin adapter is used when you have 13 pin caravan electrics on your car, but you want to tow a standard trailer, or use a cycle carrier which has a 7 pin plug. A 13 pin to twin socket adapter is used when you have a 13 pin socket on your car and you need to tow an older caravan that has twin plugs.

What pin tow bar do I need?

Single 13 pin

The 13 pin socket is the one to go for if you are towing a new caravan. The 13 pin socket has been used as standard across most of Europe for many years, with the UK getting on board too back in 2008.

Can I tow a caravan with single electrics?

Single electrics are ideal for towing just a trailer, as you will not require power for the interior, and will still be fulfilling the legal regulations regarding towing. However, if you require the interior functions of the caravan you are towing to be powered, twin electrics are essential.

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Do I need 13 pin electrics?

13 Pin – If you are towing a modern caravan made after 2008 that needs power to lighting functions and the onboard leisure battery you will need a universal or dedicated 13 pin electrics kit.

What is the difference between a 7 pin and 12 pin plug?

A 7-pin connector will work for most traditional box trailers, smaller boat trailers, and typically any application that does not require any accessories to be run whilst the trailer is in use. 12-Pin trailer connectors allow users to run accessories via 5 extra pins.

Why do caravans have 13 pin plugs?

The 13-pin connector was developed as car electrical systems became more complex and a greater number of lights needed to be powered on the towed caravan or trailer. Since 2008, the numbers of caravans using the 13-pin system have increased greatly, and now most caravan owners will use this connector.