What is the energy source for main sequence stars Yahoo?

What is the energy source for main-sequence stars?

For the Sun and other normal main-sequence stars, the source of energy lies in the conversion of hydrogen to helium. The nuclear reaction thought to occur in the Sun is called the proton-proton cycle.

What is the main source of energy that a main-sequence star shines into space?

Main Sequence Stars

Stars are fueled by the nuclear fusion of hydrogen to form helium deep in their interiors. The outflow of energy from the central regions of the star provides the pressure necessary to keep the star from collapsing under its own weight, and the energy by which it shines.

What is the main fuel source for main-sequence stars what process uses this fuel source to create energy?

The proton-proton chain is the main source of energy for main sequence stars. However, for star more massive than the Sun, another process can also generate energy, hydrogen fusion by the carbon cycle known as the CNO cycle.

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What is the energy source for main sequence stars quizlet?

What do all Main Sequence stars have in common? They all get their energy from the fusion of hydrogen into helium.

What provides the energy of a main sequence star quizlet?

Fusion, when hydrogen atoms fuse into helium atoms, releases a tremendous amount of energy, enough to balance out the force of gravity pulling in on the star. Blue giant and yellow dwarf main sequence stars end their lives in the same fashion.

How is the energy of star produced?

Stars produce energy from nuclear reactions, primarily the fusion of hydrogen to form helium. These and other processes in stars have lead to the formation of all the other elements.

What are the three main fuels that stars use for fusion?

Fusion reactions need a fuel, and there are three main fuels that a star uses for fusion: hydrogen, helium, and carbon.

How do stars shine?

Stars shine because they are extremely hot (which is why fire gives off light — because it is hot). The source of their energy is nuclear reactions going on deep inside the stars. In most stars, like our sun, hydrogen is being converted into helium, a process which gives off energy that heats the star.

What is the source of energy in stars and sun?

The source of energy in the Sun and stars is the nucleus fusion of light nuclei such as hydrogen present in them in their inner part. This takes place at a very high temperature and high pressure due to which helium nucleus is formed with the release of high amount of energy.

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