What is meant by discontinuous electric field?

What is continuous and discontinuous electric field?

Continuous if there’s no charge at that point. C. Discontinuous only if there’s a negative charge at that point. … The direction of the electric field at a point in space is the direction in which a positive test charge would move if placed at that point.

Is electric field continuous or discontinuous?

Electric field lines are continuos curves. They start from a positively charged body and ends at a negatively charged body. No electric lines of force exist inside the charged body. Thus electrostatic field lines are continuous but do not form closed loops.

Are electric lines of force discontinuous?

Electric lines of forces start from a positive charge and end in negative charge. … Electric lines of forces are continuous curves if there is no conductor. And the lines of forces are discontinuous for the conductor.

How is electric field discontinuous across the surface of a charged conductor?

Potential inside the conductor is zero. … Potential is a result of the electric field. This implies that the electric field lines are 0 inside of a conductor but are perpendicular at the surface of a conductor and so, the electric field lines are discontinuous at the surface.

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What is discontinuous electric field?

The magnitude of the electric field due to a charged spherical shell is zero inside it, maximum on its surface and then keeps decreasing as 1/r2. So the value of electric field does not vary smoothly from r = 0 to r = ? and thus it is discontinuous.

What is the meaning of continuous electric field?

A continuous charge distribution occurs when the given charge is spread out (evenly or unevenly) along a line, or across a surface, or throughout a volume. … Instead of having X coulombs at a location, we will have X coulombs per unit length, or per unit area, or per unit volume. These are examples of charge densities.

Is electric field continuous across the surface of the conductor?

We know that electric field is discontinuous across the surface of a charged conductor.

Why are electric lines discontinuous?

Electric Charges and Fields. … The charge is moving continuously from point to point rather than jumping from one point to another and experiences continuous force in the electrostatic field. The force experienced or the path followed by charge cannot be discontinuous and hence the lines are not broken.

Which fields are discontinuous at boundary?

Explanation: The normal component of an electric flux density is always discontinuous at the boundary for a dielectric-dielectric boundary. We get Dn1 = Dn2, when we assume the free surface charge exists at the interface.

Why electric lines of force are not continuous?

The field line cannot have sudden breaks because the charge moves continuously and does not jump from one point to the other. (b) If two field lines cross each other at a point, then electric field intensity will show two directions at that point. … Hence, two field lines never cross each other.

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What are the properties of electric lines of force?

Following are the 3 properties of electric lines of force.

  • The electric lines of force start from a positive charge and ends on a negative charge.
  • The electric lines of force always enter or leave the charged surface normally.
  • Electric lines of force can never intersect each other. Was this answer helpful?

Which of the following is false for electric lines of force?

They always form closed loops.