What is electric dipole simple?

What is electric dipole in simple words?

An electric dipole is defined as a couple of opposite charges q and –q separated by a distance d. … The simplest example of an electric dipole is a pair of electric charges of two opposite signs and equal magnitude separated by distance.

What is electric dipole moment explain?

In electric dipole. … qd is defined as the electric dipole moment. Its magnitude indicates the maximum torque exerted upon a given electric dipole per unit value of the surrounding electric field in a vacuum. The electric dipole moment, a vector, is directed along the line from negative charge toward positive charge.

What is an electric dipole give few examples?

Dipole-dipole forces are the attraction between the positive end of one molecule and the negative end of another. Ammonia molecule (NH 3) is an example of electric dipole.In NH 3, the centre of mass of positive charge and centre of mass of negative charge are some distance apart hence resulting in a dipole.

What is an electric dipole Class 12?

The electric dipole is a pair of two equal and opposite charges, +q and −q are separated by a very small distance. The algebraic sum of the charge on the dipole is zero and the electric field of the dipole is not zero, thus the electric field of dipole is added.

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What dipole means?

1a : a pair of equal and opposite electric charges or magnetic poles of opposite sign separated especially by a small distance. b : a body or system (such as a molecule) having such charges or poles.

What is dipole moment unit?

Dipole moment is defined as p q l. A dipole moment is a vector whose magnitude is q (2l) and the direction is from the negative to the positive charge. The unit of dipole moment is coulomb-meter (C m) or debye (D).

What is SI unit of electric flux?

Electric flux has SI units of volt metres (V m), or, equivalently, newton metres squared per coulomb (N m2 C1). Thus, the SI base units of electric flux are kg·m3·s3·A1.

What is electric dipole moment and its SI unit?

Electric dipole moment is defined as the product of charge and the distance between the charges, and is directed from negative to positive charge. The SI unit of electric dipole moment is coulomb metre (Cm).

What is dipole moment in chemistry class 11?

Dipole moment is the product of electric charge and distance between the positive and negative species present in the molecule.