What happened in Reefton in 1888 regarding electricity?

Why is Reefton town of light?

Because of the wealth derived from gold mining, Reefton was the first town in the southern hemisphere to get electric power. This mural, outside the Greymouth Evening Star building in Greymouth, commemorates this and other major West Coast events.

How did reefton get its name?

Reefton is the only place on the West Coast where quartz reefs (after which it is named) have been successfully mined apart from Lyell. Originally called Reeftown, the name was shortened to Reefton (and sometimes nicknamed Quartzopolis).

Is Reefton worth visiting?

Discover Reefton Through Reviews

Reefton is worth a visit! … “Reefton is a quaint town steeped in history. There’s plenty to explore for those who are into hikes and mountain bikes. Loved that the trails took us through great scenery with views of the gold mining relics.

What is there to see in Reefton?

No matter your travel taste or style, there’s always something for you to do at Reefton.

  • Waiuta. …
  • Reefton Visitor Centre. …
  • Blacks Point Museum. …
  • Art Gallery.
  • Reefton Cinema. …
  • Distillery. …
  • Fishing and Hunting. …
  • Gold panning.

Is Reefton rural?

Reefton is a bounded rural locality in Victoria, Australia, on the Warburton Woods Point Road. Its local government area is the Shire of Yarra Ranges. The Upper Yarra Reservoir lies within the locality.

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