What flooring can I use with electric underfloor heating?

Can you laying laminate flooring over electric underfloor heating?

Both electric and water underfloor heating are compatible with laminate flooring. Generally speaking, electric systems are more popular with renovations and small to medium-sized rooms whereas water products are more popular in new builds and large areas.

Can you put Lino over electric underfloor?

Vinyl – Vinyl works well with underfloor heating as the heat can easily permeate the slim layer. However, as most vinyls should not be heated to above 26°C, the underfloor heating should be restricted.

Can electric underfloor heating be used under tiles?

Tile and stone floors are ideal for use with an underfloor heating system as they heat up fast and retain heat well, making the system efficient to run.

Can you put vinyl flooring over heated floors?

Yes, You Can!

Vinyl plank flooring is a great option for on top of radiant heating, especially if you need a flooring that is waterproof! Be sure to keep the radiant flooring heat under 80 degrees Fahrenheit. You don’t want the heat too high, as you could compromise the integrity of the flooring.

What goes on top of underfloor heating?

The best flooring for underfloor heating is one that efficiently transfers heat from the UFH to the surface of the floor. Hard surfaces like stone or ceramic tiles, or engineered wood, offer the best heat transfer as they are the most thermally conductive, but many other options work well.

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