What can the government do to promote renewable energy?

What can we do to improve renewable energy?

5 Actionable Tips to Use More Renewable Energy

  1. Embrace Solar-Powered Technologies. …
  2. Crowdfund Clean Energy Projects. …
  3. Support the Society of Concerned Scientist. …
  4. Use Water-processing Technology. …
  5. Wind Power for Home or Business.

Why does the government support renewable energy?

Why would the government invest in renewable energy? There are a few common reasons used to justify a government role in renewable energy investment, including energy security and affordability, the potential for job creation, future economic strategic positioning, and addressing environmental and other externalities.

Why should government invest in alternative energy sources?

Renewable energy is the cheapest source of new power generation for more than two-thirds of the world and has no fuel costs. It can reduce the economic burden of energy bills by eliminating fuel charges — especially when coupled with energy-efficiency upgrades in our homes and businesses.

How does the government promote and support the renewable energy in the Philippines?

Different policies have been implemented by governments to promote and support the development of renewable energy, such as the feed-in-tariff (FiT), bidding system, quota system, green certificate trading, and fiscal incentives (e.g. rebates, tax exemptions).

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