Quick Answer: Why do we use electric fuse in house?

Why is an electric fuse used in house?

State its purpose in the household electric circuit. Solution: Electric fuse is a safety device used to limit the current in an electric circuit which melts and breaks the circuit whenever there is an excess flow of current through the circuit.

What is the use of an electric fuse?

The primary use of an electric fuse is to protect electrical equipment from excessive current and to prevent short circuits or mismatched loads. Electrical fuses play the role of miniature circuit breakers. Apart from protecting equipment, they are also used as safety measures to prevent any safety hazards to humans.

What is electric fuse what is its importance class 7?

A fuse is a safety device which limits current in circuit as a result it prevents damages to electrical circuits and possible fires. Fuses used in electrical appliances.

What is the function of electric fuse Class 10?

Function of Fuse

An electric fuse acts as a barrier between an electric circuit and the human body. It prevents any damage to the electric device by restricting excess current flow. It prevents overload of current.

How does an electric fuse work for Class 7?

The electric fuse has a thin wire with a low melting. If more amount of electricity is passed from fuse then heat will be produced and the fuse melts. This makes the circuit opened then the current will not pass. This is the working of an electric fuse.

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