Quick Answer: Which commercial source of energy is non exhaustible?

What is non-exhaustible source of energy?

In particular the sun, the wind, the water cycle, the tides, the heat of the Earth are non-exhaustible sources, which are always available and will never end. … These sources, although there is still plenty of them, are limited and represent a sort of energy warehouse on the Earth.

Which source of energy is exhaustible?

Coal, petroleum, etc. are the exhaustible sources of energy. Inexhaustible resources of energy are those sources, which will not exhaust in future. These are unlimited.

What are exhaustible and non-exhaustible sources of energy?

difference between exhaustible and inexhaustible sources of energy. Exhaustible resources, or nonrenewable energy sources, are those that are finite and will run out. Examples of these are coal and oil. Inexhaustible resources, or renewableresources, are those that will never run out, such as wind and sun.

Which is not a commercial energy source?

The energy sources that are not available in the commercial market for a price are classified as non- commercial energy. Non-commercial energy sources include fuels such as firewood, cattle dung and agricultural wastes, which are traditionally gathered, and not bought at a price used especially in rural households.

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What is the meaning of non exhaustible?

: not exhaustible: such as. a : incapable of being used up inexhaustible riches. b : incapable of being wearied or worn out an inexhaustible hiker. Other Words from inexhaustible Synonyms Example Sentences Learn More About inexhaustible.

Is solar energy non exhaustible or inexhaustible?

Unlike exhaustible resources they are present in abundant quantity thus they will never get finished no matter how much you used inexhaustible resources, For example, solar light from Sun rays, take it as much as you can but it will never get exhausted.

Which alternative energy source is exhaustible?

The alternative energy source is exhaustible is geothermal energy.

Are renewable resources exhaustible?

A renewable exhaustible natural resource is forest. … Coal, petroleum and minerals are non-exhaustible natural resources. Whereas forest is an example of an exhaustible natural resource. Renewable resources are living, able to reproduce or replace themselves and in increase in quantity.

Are non-renewable resources exhaustible?

non-renewable energy

energy resources that are exhaustible relative to the human life span, such as gas, coal, or petroleum.

What is the difference between exhaustible and exhaustible resources?

Exhaustible natural resources such as coal, petroleum and natural gas. All of these are produced from the dead remains of living organisms and hence, these are also known as fossil fuels.

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PROPERTIES Exhaustible resources Inexhaustible resources
Origin Natural Natural or man-made

What are non exhaustible natural resources?

the non exhaustable natural resources are those resources which are in unlimited quantity and are not likely to be exhausted by human. example if these resources are solar energy, wind energy,geo thermal energy.

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