Question: What two factors determine the strength of two electric fields?

What two factors determine the strength of an electric field?

The electric field strength is dependent upon the quantity of charge on the source charge (Q) and the distance of separation (d) from the source charge.

What are two factors that affect the electric force between two charged objects?

Charles Coulomb determined how to figure out the strength of the force between charged particles. As we’ll discuss in this lesson, he found that the force between charged particles was dependent on only two factors: the distance between the particles and the amount of electric charge that they carried.

What factors affect electric fields?

The intensity of the electric field depends by a number of factors such as the constructive form of the cell, the cell sizes, the value and the waveform of the supply voltage, the type of insulators used as dielectric barrier.

How do you find the strength of an electric field?

The SI unit of electric field strength is newtons per coulomb (N/C) or volts per meter (V/m). The force experienced by a very small test charge q placed in a field E in a vacuum is given by E = F/q, where F is the force experienced.

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What two things affect electric current?

The amount of current passing through a human body depends on two things: the voltage supplied by the source and the electrical resistance of your body. The amount of electric current that flows through the body determines various effects of an electric shock.

What factors affect the strength of electric and magnetic forces?

The four main factors that affect the strength of an electromagnet are the loop count, the current, the wire size, and the presence of an iron core.

What are the two things that determine the electromagnetic force between two objects?

The magnitude of the magnetic force between them depends on how much charge is in how much motion in each of the two objects and how far apart they are. The direction of the force depends on the relative directions of motion of the charge in each case.

What two factors affect the amount of static charge produced?

1. b) The two factors that affect the amount of static charge transferred when you rub two different substances together are how tightly the two substances are held together and how much rubbing done, and the relative positions of the two substances on the electrostatic series.

Where is the electric field strongest?

The relative magnitude of the electric field is proportional to the density of the field lines. Where the field lines are close together the field is strongest; where the field lines are far apart the field is weakest.