Question: What has electrical energy as an input?

Which devices use electrical energy as an input?

Below are some common input devices with examples of how they might be used.

  • Microphone. A microphone generates a voltage when sound reaches it. …
  • Thermistor. Its resistance increases when the temperature falls. …
  • Solar cell or photo-voltaic cell. …
  • Light dependent resistor (LDR) …
  • Capacitor. …
  • Switch. …
  • Voltage divider.

What is electrical energy input?

Input​ refers to the amount of energy put into a device, and ​ output​ refers to the amount of energy that comes out. … For example, a light bulb’s input energy is the form of electrical energy, and its output energy is in the form of light and heat.

What are the 3 examples of electrical energy?

Specific examples of electrical energy include:

  • Alternating current (AC)
  • Direct current (DC)
  • Lightning.
  • Batteries.
  • Capacitors.
  • Energy generated by electric eels.

What is the input energy of a cell phone?

The whole process of the mobile phones energy transfers is almost like big cycle; Charge the battery > Battery contains chemical energy which transfers electrical energy into the phone, powering it and also transferring Light energy, Sound energy and Heat energy.

What is electric motor input energy?

⇒ For a motor the input energy is electrical energy and the useful output energy is mechanical energy. The generator is used to produce an electric current from rotational motion (on large scale power stations a turbine is used to provide this rotation).

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What does it mean by energy output?

The energy, power, or work produced by a system or device: the output of an engine.

What is electrical energy give example?

The movement of electrons from one atom to another is what results in electrical energy. Every time you plug a toaster or cellphone charger into a wall outlet, electrical energy is powering those devices. Examples of this kind of energy are also seen in electric eels, lightning, and batteries.

Is a phone a form of electrical energy?

Examples of Electrical Energy: … Batteries in a cell phone supply chemical energy to electric charges. The electric charges use the energy to be put into motion. This electrical energy now travels through the phone supplying the phone with electricity.