Is 15652 electrical rubber mat?

Is 5424 1969 rubber mats for electrical purposes?

Electrical Rubber Mat is used for the safety of the workmen against the electrical hazards. These Electrical Rubber Mats are manufactured as per old Indian Standard i.e. IS 5424:1969. … “DURATUF” is well known for its premium quality rubber mat for electrical purpose.

What is the purpose of the rubber mat in every electrical panels?

What is an Electrical Safety Mat? It is an electrically insulated rubber mat designed to protect you and those working with you from electrical shocks. It will not only protect you from live electrical equipment but from any faulty electrical equipment you work with.

Is standard for electrical insulation mats?

Indian Standard specification for Insulating mats for electrical purposes IS 15652: 2006 –(superseding IS 5424:1969) has been published. The objective of this standard is to take care of the technological advances and developing consumer needs in the field of insulating mats for electrical purposes.

Is code for insulating rubber mat?

Item Code: IS15652

Electrical Insulating Rubber Mats as per IS 15652:2006 are made out of Synthetic Rubber, Anti – Skid , Fire Resistance , Oil resistance.

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What is the working voltage of class an electrical insulating mat as per standard?

BS EN 61111 standard provides specifications for insulating mats for LV MV HV electrical working up to 33kV/36kV.


Class Minimum Voltage Maximum Voltage
1000 V 1500 V
1 7500 V 11 250 V
2 17 000 V 25 500 V
3 26 500 V 39 750 V

How do you test an insulation mat?


A simple way would be to dip the mat in water for 24 hours at room tem. Subsequently the IR is checked on a sample piece of size 150 MM x 150 MM with the help of two electrodes i.e 25 MM diameter and 75 MM diameter, after one minute of application of the voltage.

Is standard for electrical hand gloves?

Rubber gloves for electrical purposes offer protection to workers from electric shocks while working on energized conductors and equipment. … This standard was first published in 1968 and prescribed four types of gloves, suitable for maximum working potential of 650, 1 100, 3 300 and 4 000 volts.

Is code for electrical insulation?

HSN Code 8546: Electrical/insulators of any material (excluding insulating fittings)

HS Code Description GST%
854620 Electrical insulators of ceramics (excluding insulating fittings) 18%
854690 Electrical insulators (excluding those of glass or ceramics and insulating fittings) ,Products include: Electric Tape 18%

What is rubber used for in electrical?

Rubber has been used as cable insulation and sheathing material long before other insulation such as PVC and PE can to be commonly applied. It remains widely used across domestic and industrial applications. Initially, natural rubbers were used but these have been largely replaced by various synthetic rubbers.

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How does rubber matting prevent electric shock?

The “rubber” that electrical matting is made from is what is known as dielectric material. This means that its molecular structure prevents the free flow of electrons thereby inhibiting the flow of electricity. This electrically resistant property makes rubber the ideal insulator.