In which ecosystem sun is main source of energy?

In which ecosystem sun is not the main source of energy?

Note: Sun is the only source of energy in the ecosystem on earth but there is an exception, in deep sea hydrothermal ecosystem sun is not the source of the energy.

How is sunlight the primary source of energy?

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Sunlight allows plants, algae and cyanobacteria to use photosynthesis to convert carbon dioxide and water into organic compounds like carbohydrates. This process is the fundamental source of organic material in the biosphere.

How is the sun the source of all energy?

The sun generates energy from a process called nuclear fusion. During nuclear fusion, the high pressure and temperature in the sun’s core cause nuclei to separate from their electrons. Hydrogen nuclei fuse to form one helium atom. During the fusion process, radiant energy is released.

What ecosystem does not depend on the sun?

There are bacteria that live in hot springs and other volcanic water that get their energy from chemicals released as a result of volcanic activity. They do not need light, and they do not need oxygen, and the Earth’s interior provides them with heat, so they can live without the sun.

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Why is the sun considered as the ultimate source of energy?

Answer: Sun is the ultimate source of the because it provides energy in the form of light that helps the plants to make food and it is almost all the energies of the world that humans are also using .

Why Sun is ultimate source of energy for all living organisms?

Ans: The solar energy is very important to carry out the process of photosynthesis, it is captured by the leaves and stored in the plant in the form of food. And this in turn use by other organism to get food to obtain energy Thus, we say that sun is the ultimate source of energy for all living organisms.

Why is sunlight important for the survival of living organisms?

Why is sunlight important for the survival of living organisms? … Sunlight allows decomposers to break down dead organisms, which plants and animals use as energy for photosynthesis. Sunlight is needed for plants to produce food, and the energy is then passed to other organisms through food consumption.