How much is electricity in Salt Lake City?

How much is the average electric bill in Utah?

Electric bills: The average residential electricity bill in Utah is about $79/month, ranking 49th in the U.S. and 26.17% less than the national average of $107.

How much is electricity per kWh in Utah?

(cents per kWh for the latest month available)

State Average Electric Rate: July 2021 $ Monthly Electric Cost
South Dakota 12.85 $115.26
Tennessee 11.26 $101.00
Texas 11.75 $105.40
Utah 11 $98.67

How much is utilities a month in Utah?

Utility bills include the cost of electricity, gas, water, internet, and cable. Utility costs vary greatly by state. The most expensive utility bills can be found in Alaska, with an average cost of $496 per month.

Water Prices By State 2021.

State Utah
Avg. Total Utilities $243
Electric $80
Internet $30
Nat. Gas $35

How much is electricity in Utah County?

September 2021 Electric Prices

STATE Sep 2021 Sep 2020
Utah 10.63¢ / kWh 11.48¢ / kWh
Vermont 18.50¢ / kWh 18.02¢ / kWh
Virginia 12.40¢ / kWh 11.91¢ / kWh
Washington 9.79¢ / kWh 9.95¢ / kWh
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What is the average electric bill per month?

Across New South Wales, we found the average annual electricity bill to be $1,421. However, we found that bill-payers aged 18 to 29 years old reported the highest average bills in NSW at $1,828. Those aged in their 70s reported the lowest average bills at $1,092.

How much should my electric bill be?

According to Canstar’s data, the average annual power bill is: Victoria: $1602.32. Queensland: $1608.76. New South Wales: $1898.40.

How much is electric per kWh?

The retail cost of electricity in Australia per kWh

State or territory Wholesale price $/MWh Retail price $/kWh
South Australia $114.16/MWh 43.67c/kWh
Victoria $100.12/MWh 27.56c/kWh
New South Wales $88.06/MWh 33.33c/kWh
Tasmania $82.73/MWh 25.90c/kWh

How much does electricity cost in Salt Lake City?

Average Electric Bill in Salt Lake City

According to Numbeo, the average Salt Lake City cost of electricity, heating water and garbage averages around $131 a month. This is a bit higher than nearby cities such as Denver, CO.

How much do utilities cost Utah?

Utah: $305.13

Utah’s average utility bills take a close second to New Mexico’s, trailing by less than $20.

How much are utilities in an apartment in Utah?

List of prices in Salt Lake City, Utah Current as of Nov 2021.

Food Update prices
Monthly rent for a 45 m2 (480 sqft) furnished studio in normal area $927
Utilities 1 month (heating, electricity, gas …) for 1 person in 45 m2 (480 sqft) studio $118
Internet 8 mbps (1 month) $43
40” flat screen tv $285
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How much do all utilities cost a month for a house?

How much are average utilities for a house? Across the US, homeowners should set aside around $400 a month for their home’s utilities.