How long can you troll with an electric motor?

How far can you go with an electric trolling motor?

This electric outboard motor with a built-in battery provides 3 hp equivalent horsepower and can go up to 22 miles at 4.5 mph, or keep running all day long at trolling speed.

How long can you troll with a 24 volt trolling motor?

Thus, if you operate your trolling motor at maximum speed, you will typically get about 2 hours of use from a fully charged pair of “average” batteries. Possibly 4 hours of use for the larger extra capacity batteries.

Can I troll with electric motor?

Combining a four-stroke kicker motor with a wireless electric motor offers anglers the advantage of better boat control, more precise trolling speeds and also the ability to duplicate productive trolling runs. … When trolling 2.0 MPH or faster, the primary outboard can usually be idled down enough to reach these speeds.

Do electric trolling motors lose power over time?

It can lose power as it ages, the brushes, bushings and internal parts will wear and drag on the motor. Google G&S trolling motors in Houston.

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How long will a car battery last on a trolling motor?

If a trolling motor pulls 52 amps at full speed while connected to a 50 AH battery, the battery will last about 0.96 hours. (50 AH battery / 52 amps drawn = 0.96 hours).

How long can an electric motor run continuously?

In the range of six months to a year, you should expect the motor to run continuously for the life of the brushes. I thought the motor was too small to have its brushes changed by an electrician.

Does a 24 volt trolling motor last longer than 12 volt?

I am trying to figure out if I need a 24V or 12V trolling motor and cannot really determine the factors that should play into the decision. Would love any perspective/help. Thank you. The 24 volt has more power usually and lasts longer in the wind than the 12 volt.

Which is better 12V or 24V trolling motor?

12-volt trolling motors are usually less powerful than their 24-volt counterparts. This makes them less suitable for larger and heavier boats. Higher voltage systems, such as 24V or 36V tend to be more powerful and more efficient, due to the lower current flowing through the cables at the same power output.

How long does a 24V Terrova last?

Thi depends on condone like wind, and boat size. I got about 30 hours on an 80# terrova at those speeds in nice conditions with my dads 17.5′ warrior glass boat. If it was windy I would get about 14-20 hours speed setting between 5-8. I would guess that your batteries are weak.

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How many batteries do I need for a trolling motor?

If you have a trolling motor on your boat, you will require usually two to three deep-cycle batteries to power it. Unlike gasoline-powered engines, trolling motors run on stored battery power.