How condenser leakage affects power plant performance?

How does air leakage affect the condenser performance?

Explanation: Air leakage in the condenser reduces the thermal efficiency of the steam power plant. It increases the amount of cooling water required and also increases the corrosive action in the condenser. The heat transfer rate in the condenser is reduced.

How does condenser improve performance of steam power plant?

Condensers increase the enthalpy drops and turbine work by lowering the turbine outlet pressure. The lower the pressure, the higher the efficiency and power are. … As seen in equations 1 and 2, to maximize the thermal efficiency and power, the enthalpy drop in the turbine must be increased.

What is leakage of condenser?

A condenser coil leak is a serious problem. It’s a very expensive repair that can often result in the full replacement of your unit. A leak in your condenser coil will leak refrigerant, causing your system to have less than the recommended charge (amount) of refrigerant in your system.

Why is it important to determine the amount of air leakage in a tubular condenser apparatus?

When the leakage occurs, the feed water pressure decreases and the feed water flow to the boiler decreases. … When the unit is out of operation, it is necessary to check whether the high pressure leakage occurs and find ways to eliminate it.

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Which is the effect of air leakage?

Air leakage is one of the important moisture loads that may increase the risk of moisture problems of wood frame walls [2], [3]. The potential moisture damage caused by air leakage in conventional light wood framed walls installed with low water vapor permeable exterior insulation has been identified [4].

How do you proceed to check the leakage of air into a condenser?

Identifying condenser tube leak utilizing helium as a tracer gas, coupled with inspection experience, has proven to be the most cost-effective method to date. Plastic, dimple plugs, shaving cream, and smoke have all been used in the past to identify condenser leakage.

What is the effect of condenser in steam power plant?

The use of a condenser will greatly increase efficiency of the steam power plant, as by using a condenser the steam cycle loop is closed allowing a great increase in efficiency by the recycling of water and recovery of heat that would otherwise be lost [3].

What causes a condenser to leak?

Perhaps the most common cause of a condenser coil leaking is the fact that the condenser is probably packed with dust, dirt, and debris. … Even trace amounts of fluoride in household water can cause the coil to become corroded over time.