Frequent question: Which section has electric traction?

What is meant by electric traction?

Introduction: By electric traction is meant locomotion in which the driving (or tractive) force is obtained from electric motors. It is used in electric trains, tramcars, trolley buses and diesel-electric vehicles etc.

Which traction system is used in India?

Indian railway traction system uses 1.5 kV DC around Bombay and 25Kv ac is used in rest of the country.

How does an electric traction system work?

Electric traction allows the use of regenerative braking, in which the motors are used as brakes and become generators that transform the motion of the train into electrical power that is then fed back into the lines.

What is electric traction system explain its major components?

Main components of electrical traction systems: electric power sources, traction power substations and tractive engines. … Dimensioning of the stable traction power substations. Influences of the two-phase traction substation connections on the unsymmetry in the three phase power system.

What is meant by SP and SSP in traction system?

Reliability of Traction Power Supply. … This is ensured by having power supply system to consist Traction Substation, Feeding Post, Sectioning and paralleling Post (SP or also called Neutral Section) and Sub-sectioning and Paralleling post (SSP) and Elementary section.

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Why subsection is divided into elementary section explain?

Elementary Section:

Each subsection is further divided into elementary sections of length approximately 1 km so as to ensure rapid isolation of fault on OHE and facilitate maintenance work. Two adjacent elementary sections are separated by insulated overlap bridged by isolators, which are manually operated on no load.

What is an electric traction motor?

A traction motor is an electric motor used for propulsion of a vehicle, such as locomotives, electric or hydrogen vehicles, elevators or electric multiple unit.

What is diesel engine electric traction?

Diesel-electric traction represents the use of the diesel engine with the petrolelectric system of traction, both of which were invented in the 1890’s.