Frequent question: What should the electric field be inside the hollow cylinder justify your answer?

What would be the field inside the cylinder?

The field everywhere inside the cylinder is zero. … The full cylinder has cylindrical symmetry about the middle of the cylindrical shell of line charge. Since there is a symmetry, we can use Gauss’s law to calculate the electric field.

What is the electric field within the conducting cylinder?

There is no electric field inside the conducting cylinder. An electric field will attract or repel the charge carriers in a conductor, and they accumulate on the surface.

Why electric field is zero inside a hollow charge conductor?

In electrostatics free charges in a good conductor reside only on the surface. So the free charge inside the conductor is zero. … Since charges are of the same nature and distribution is UNIFORM, the electric fields cancel each other.

Is the electric field outside the cylinder the same as if all the charge were on the axis?

Since the electric field must be constant everywhere on the tube wall, the electric field must be zero. Note that the result is the same as if the charge were concentrated in a line along the axis.

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