Frequent question: What happens when an electric dipole is placed in uniform electric field do it mathematically?

What happens when a dipole is rotating in a uniform electric field?

A pair of force which is equal in magnitude, with opposite direction, and displaced by perpendicular distance or moment is known as the couple. The dipole is said to be stable when the dipole is aligned in the direction of the electric field.

What is the torque acting on a dipole in a uniform e?

Maximum torque acting on an electric dipole of moment 3×10−29Cm. in a uniform electric field E. is 6×10−25Nm. .

What does an electric dipole experiences when it is kept in the non uniform electric field?

When a dipole is placed in an electric field, the opposite charges on the dipole both experience a force due to the electric field. … Hence the dipole will experience both force and torque when placed in a non uniform electric field.

How do you define a field line in Class 10?

Magnetic field lines are imaginary lines around the magnet. The magnitude of a field is indicated by its line’s density. Near to South and North Pole of a magnet, the magnetic field is stronger and will get weaker when it moves away from the poles.

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