Do they make a shallow electrical box?

How deep is a shallow electrical outlet box?

1-1/4″ depth x 2-3/8″ x 3-5/8″.

What is shallow box?

Shallow Box means an outlet box with a depth less than 1 1/2 inches and a minimum depth of 1/2 inch.

How many wires are in a shallow box?

Plastic Box Fill Capacities

Single Gang Boxes: A total capacity of 18 cubic inches allows for nine #14 gauge wires, eight #12 gauge wires, or seven #10 gauge wires. This is a wires-only capacity. With one device added to the box, subtract two wires in each category.

Can a junction box be recessed?

Electrical boxes should be mounted so that the outer edges are recessed no more than one-quarter inch (6 mm) from the drywall surface. The reason is not for aesthetics but to minimize the risk of arcing and electrical fires for safety.

What are the different types of electrical boxes?

What to Know About the Various Types of Electrical Boxes

  • Plastic and metal electrical boxes. Most boxes are either made of plastic or metal. …
  • Rectangular boxes. …
  • Two-gang, three-gang, and four-gang boxes. …
  • Round pan boxes. …
  • Junction boxes. …
  • Round and octagon boxes. …
  • Ceiling fan-rated boxes.

How do I know if my outlet box is fan rated?

If the box was installed recently in accordance with National Electrical Code (NEC), the box should be labeled if it’s rated to support a ceiling fan. 314.27 Outlet Boxes.

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