Did electric eels exist before electricity?

How did electric eels evolve?

Between 100 and 200 million years ago, some fish began to amplify that potential. They evolved electrocytes from muscle cells, which were organised in sequence and capable of generating much higher voltages than those used to make muscles work.

What were electric eels first called?

Electric eels were first described 250 years ago by Carl Linnaeus, who gave them the species name Electrophorus electricus.

How do electric eels get electricity?

Electric eels generate their electric charge using specialized cells. Known as electrocytes, those cells take up most of an eel’s 2-meter- (6.6-foot-) long body. Thousands of these cells line up. … They direct the movement of charged particles, called ions, to generate electricity.

What did eels evolve from?

Ancestral eels evolved during the Eocene or earlier, in the western Pacific Ocean near present-day Indonesia. A group derived from this ancestor dispersed westward, by transport of larvae in the global circum-equatorial current through the northern edge of the Tethys Sea.

Where did electric eels come from?

Electric eels live in slow-moving freshwater creeks and swamps in the north-east of South America, including the Amazon and Orinoco basins. While they resemble eels in appearance, they’re actually a type of fish, known as a knifefish.

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