Can you charge a solar fence charger battery?

Can you charge an electric fence battery?

Depending on the type of battery you use, it is best to store the battery connected to a charger. You cannot charge 9V batteries, but you can charge 12V batteries. … Charging does not only make the battery ready for use, but also extends the lifespan of the battery itself.

Can you use a car battery on a solar fence charger?

You can certainly use solar fence chargers; however, one easy way to keep your electric fence charged is to hook it up with to 12V car batteries in a parallel manner. … Doing this doubles the amount of time that you have before you need to recharge your fence.

How long do solar fence charger batteries last?

While there is a slightly higher upfront cost for solar fence chargers, the long term savings of not having to supply electricity to them far out weights the initial cost. Battery units in these chargers are good for 3 to 4 years, before needing to be replaced.

Why is my solar electric fence not working?

Step 1 – Power: Turn off your power to your charger. Step 2 – Secure: Check both connections (positive-to-fence and negative-to-ground rod) and make sure they are securely attached. If one or more has come loose, reattach, turn your power back on and see if this resolves your issue.

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How do you charge an electric fence?

Mount the fence charger off the ground using a screw or nail through the hanger hole in the charger case. Connect the ground wire to the ground terminal and ground rods using insulated ground wire. Connect the fence terminal to the fence wire using 20,000-volt (or higher) hook up wire.

How long does an electric fence energiser last?

An average sized 12v energiser (designed for a paddock or medium sized field) will run for approx 2 weeks on a 12v rechargeable battery before the battery needs to be taken in to be recharged.

What type of battery is used in an electric fence?

To supply a 9V or 12V electric fence with power you need a Gallagher battery.

How long does a 9v battery last on an electric fence?

The advantage of this type of battery is that they can usually run the energiser for between 3 months and 9 months depending on the Ah of the battery and the type of energiser and fence you have – this means no more worrying about lugging a heavy 12 volt battery across a field for recharging.

Are solar powered electric fences any good?

Not only are they considered safe and effective, they’re among the least expensive fencing options. … You can potentially save even more money by investing in a solar fence charger. Getting a solar-powered unit allows you to go off the grid and harness the energy of the sun to power your fence.