Can electricity be multiplied?

What is equal to electric power?

By Ohm’s Law, V = IR, and so there are additional forms of the electric power formula for resistors. Power is measured in units of Watts (W), where a Watt is equal to a Joule per second (1 W = 1 J/s). General form: electric power = voltage difference x current. P = VI.

What is the formula of quantity of electricity?

The amount of charge is given the symbol Q and is measured in units of coulombs (C). The quantity of charge (or electricity) contained in a current running for a specified time can be calculated: Q = I × t. Q = quantity of charge (electricity) in coulombs (C) I = current in amperes (amps, A) t = time (seconds)

Can you multiply current?

Electricity allows us to calculate the amount of charge passed ( , in coulombs, C) by multiplying the electric current ( , in amps, A) by the time ( , in seconds, s). The formula for this is simply… … A faraday is the amount of charge contained by exactly one mole of electrons. That amount of charge is 96485 C.

How do you calculate electric current?

FAQs on Current Formula

If the voltage (V) and resistance (R) of any circuit is given we can use the current formula to calculate the current, i.e., I = V/R (amps).

What is electric power and its formula?

Electric Power Formula

The formula for electric power is given by. P = VI. where, P is the power. V is the potential difference in the circuit.

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What are the 3 formulas for electric power?

t = Time taken. R = Resistance. Power formula is used to calculate the Power, Voltage, current or resistance in any electrical circuit. It is expressed in watts.

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