Best answer: Who builds nuclear reactors for submarines?

Who builds American nuclear submarines?

General Dynamics and Huntington Ingalls have the only two shipyards in the United States capable of building nuclear submarines. Huntington’s own shipyards are in Newport News, Virginia, and Pascagoula, Mississippi.

Do nuclear engineers work on submarines?

As a Nuclear Reactors Engineer, you’ll be responsible for researching, designing, maintaining, operating and regulating the nuclear reactors and power plants that drive the most advanced fleet of submarines and aircraft carriers on earth.

Where are American submarines built?

The Navy constructed nuclear-powered submarines in its own shipyards at Mare Island, California, and Kittery, Maine.

Who makes British submarines?

BAE Systems Submarines operates one of the few shipyards in the world capable of designing and building nuclear submarines, which has constructed all but three of the Royal Navy’s nuclear-powered submarines since the commissioning of HMS Dreadnought in 1963.

What does a nuclear engineer do in the Navy?

Naval nuclear engineers operate nuclear propulsion machinery and control auxiliary equipment that support nuclear reactors. Responsibilities include the maintenance, troubleshooting and operation of electronic, propulsion and weapons systems.

Does the Navy hire nuclear engineers?

Navy officers hoping to become nuclear engineers come to the service with four-year or higher college degrees and strong math and science backgrounds. Energy companies typically operate the nation’s private nuclear power plants and job prospects for Navy nuclear field personnel leaving the service are always high.

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How many nuclear engineers are there in the Navy?


Working out of NR headquarters, there are approximately 380 engineers who technically manage the various areas of the Naval Nuclear Propulsion program. These are some of the brightest minds the Navy has to offer.