Best answer: What are the best electric scooters?

What is the best electric scooter to get?

The best electric scooters you can buy today

  1. Unagi Model One. The best electric scooter overall. …
  2. Segway Ninebot Kickscooter Max. The best electric scooter for long distances. …
  3. Swagtron Swagger 5 Elite. Best midrange electric scooter. …
  4. Glion Dolly. …
  5. Apollo Explore. …
  6. GoTrax XR Ultra. …
  7. Razor E100. …
  8. Glion Balto.

Which Electric Scooter is best in 2021?

Here is a list of the 10 best electric scooters to buy in India for you to save big on petrol costs.

  • Ampere Zeal. Ampere Zeal Electric Scooters. …
  • Okinawa Ridge+ Okinawa Ridge+ …
  • Okinawa iPraise. Okinawa i-priase. …
  • Hero Electric Optima E2. Hero Optima Electric Scooter. …
  • Ather 450X. Ather 450X. …
  • Bajaj Chetak EV. Bajaj Chetak EV. …
  • Detel EV.

Which is the best electric scooter for adults?

The 11 best electric scooters

Rank Brand Best for
1 Unagi Best overall
2 Apollo Best high end
3 Xiaomi Best value
4 Glion Best for commuting

Which is the best scooter to buy in 2020?

Best Scooters In India

  • TVS Jupiter. Price. Rs. 66,273 – 76,573*
  • TVS Jupiter 125. Price. Rs. 73,400 – 81,300*
  • TVS Scooty Pep Plus. Price. Rs. 57,959 – 60,859*
  • TVS XL100. Price. Rs. 41,015 – 52,334*
  • TVS Scooty Zest. Price. Rs. 64,641 – 66,318*
  • TVS NTORQ 125. Price. Rs. 73,270 – 85,025*
  • TVS iQube Electric. Price. Rs. …
  • Ola S1. Price. Rs.
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What is the most reliable electric scooter?

Most reliable electric scooters

Electric scooter Use case Price
Ninebot Max Most reliable commuter scooter $799
Glion Dolly Most reliable budget electric scooter $429
Xiaomi M365 Pro Most tested reliable scooter $550
EMove Cruiser Most reliable waterproof electric scooter $1399

What should I look for when buying an electric scooter?

What Should I Look for When Buying an Electric Scooter?

  • Miles per charge. The battery life of an e-scooter affects how often you’ll need to charge it. …
  • Motor power. You should choose an electric scooter with at least 250 watts of power. …
  • Tires. Electric scooters either come with pneumatic or airless tires.

Which is the No 1 electric scooter in India?

The most popular electric bikes include TVS iQube Electric (Rs. 1.00 Lakh), Ola S1 (Rs. 85,099) and Revolt RV400 (Rs. 90,799).

Electric Bikes Price List.

Model Ex-showroom Price
Revolt RV400 Rs. 90,799
Ather 450X Rs. 1.13 – 1.32 Lakh
Simple Energy One Rs. 1.09 Lakh
Bajaj Chetak Rs. 1.00 – 1.15 Lakh

Which electric scooter has the highest speed?

ESG Certified Top Speed = Blue / 3rd Party Data = Grey

Rank Scooter Top Speed
1 Rion RE90 75 mph
2 Minimotors Dualtron X2 60 mph
3 Kaabo Wolf King 59.4 mph
4 NAMI Burn-E 58.8 mph

What is the safest electric scooter?

Safest electric scooters

Electric scooter Price $ Use case
EMove Cruiser 1399 safest overall
Ninebot Max 799 safest + value
Inokim OXO 2490 safest high-end
Speedway Leger 1100 safest mid-price