Best answer: Is nuclear energy better than fossil fuels Reddit?

Is nuclear energy better than fossil fuels?

Efficiency and Reliability. A pellet of nuclear fuel weighs approximately 0.1 ounce (6 grams). However, that single pellet yields the amount of energy equivalent to that generated by a ton of coal, 120 gallons of oil or 17,000 cubic feet of natural gas, making nuclear fuel much more efficient than fossil fuels.

Is nuclear power good or bad Reddit?

Safe – Even factoring in the thousands of potentially-related cancer deaths from the ultra-rare accidents/releases like Chernobyl or Fukushima, nuclear power is still one of the safest forms of energy production per kWh generated.

Is nuclear clean energy Reddit?

It is clean because they see the daily carbon dioxide emissions as zero. This doesn”t take into account the mining, refining, building, decommissioning and waste disposal issues.

Why is Reddit so pro nuclear?

It has much lower mortility per TWh than all conventional energy sources. It is, in fact, a bit safer than all green energy sources as well, aside from hydro. It is the only other non-CO2 producing energy source than can guarantee baseload power (energy when the sun doesn’t shine/wind doesn’t blow), aside from hydro.

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Why should we use nuclear energy instead of fossil fuels?

Nuclear energy protects air quality

It generates power through fission, which is the process of splitting uranium atoms to produce energy. The heat released by fission is used to create steam that spins a turbine to generate electricity without the harmful byproducts emitted by fossil fuels.

What is the cleanest energy?

Out of all energy resources, we consider green power (solar, wind, biomass and geothermal) as the cleanest form of energy. So, if we were looking at clean energy on a spectrum, these would be farthest from “dirty” or emissions-heavy energy.

Is nuclear power good for the environment Reddit?

Nuclear advocates point out that the much-maligned form of energy production is actually one of the safest out there. … Already, nuclear energy has played a huge role in avoiding carbon emissions over the last 50 years. In fact, it’s second only to hydropower in this arena.

What is the best energy source Reddit?

Nuclear Power is the Most Reliable Energy Source.

What is nuclear fuel waste?

When most people talk about nuclear waste, they’re referring to fuel that’s been used in a reactor once. Most of the radioactivity associated with nuclear power remains contained in the fuel in which it was produced. This is why used fuel is classified as high-level radioactive waste.