Best answer: How can I pay electricity bill online without registration in Tamilnadu?

How can I pay EB bill online in Tamilnadu?

How to Make TNEB Bill Payment online?

  1. Open your MobiKwik App.
  2. Go to the ‘Recharge and Bill Payment’ Page.
  3. Enter your Operator Name and Bill Amount.
  4. Choose the payment option and enter applicable voucher code.
  5. Click on the Payment tab and the bill is processed.

How can I find my consumer number in Tneb?

Your consumer number is a service number that you can find on the white meter card on the previous receipt of the TNEB bill.

How can I get my consumer number in electricity bill?

How to Find Consumer Number on the Electricity Bill?

  1. Go to the Electricity Bill Payment page on Paytm.
  2. Select your ‘State’ and ‘Electricity Board’
  3. Select the District/Type (if any)
  4. Click on ‘View Sample Bill’ to see your Consumer Number on the electricity bill.

How do I register for tangedco?

New users can create an account by selecting the sign up option. The user will be prompted to fill the details like TANGEDCO consumer number and tap CHECK button. The consumer details will be displayed for confirmation. Tap CONFIRM button to continue.

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How can I pay my electricity bill online?

How To Pay Electricity Bill Online

  1. Click on the electricity board.
  2. You will get a drop-down of all the states.
  3. Select your state.
  4. Pick your electricity board.
  5. Fill in your consumer number.
  6. Enter the amount.
  7. Pick promo codes of your choice to get Cashback & other offers.
  8. Choose the payment method of your preference.

How many digits are in Tneb consumer number?

TANGEDCO Online Payment. TANGEDCO’s Quick Pay bill payment facility: Consumers can make payment with the consumer number comprising 2 digit regioncode, 3 digit section code, 3 digit distribution code and service connection number with 1-4 digits. Follow this link ‘Know Your Consumer No’ for further details.

How can I get my Tneb service number?

Mobile Number Registration / Updation Portal

  1. Service Connection Number * (Enter Service connection number without Region code)
  2. Enter your Transaction Receipt Number: *
  3. Enter Mobile Number *

How can I check my EB bill online?

How to check TNEB Bill Status Online?

  1. Visit the webpage for TNEB at the TANGEDCO website.
  2. Find the choice of ‘Billing Services’ at the focal point of the page.
  3. Under the Billing Services, select the option of ‘Bill Status Menu’.
  4. Another page will show up with the related fields.
  5. Enter your service number.

How can I get Msedcl consumer number by name?

Go to the MSEB complaint registration page.

  1. Go to the MSEB complaint registration page.
  2. Type your consumer number.
  3. Click somewhere else on the page.
  4. That’s it, you can see your details including your name, address, and the billing unit.