Best answer: Does armature of electric motor rotate occasionally?

What made the armature turn continuously?

what makes the armataure turn continuously? The commutator rotates with the armature. The direction of current reverses with each half turn so the armature spins continuously.

Why do armatures spin?

The armature is mounted on bearings and is free to rotate. It is mounted in the magnetic field produced by permanent magnets or current passing through coils of wire, which are called the field coils. When a current passes through the armature coil, forces act on the coil and result in rotation.

How is rotation caused in an electric motor?

Magnetic fields cause motors to rotate. … A coil of wire carrying a current in a magnetic field tends to rotate. This is the basis of an electric motor. The force on a conductor in a magnetic field causes the rotation of the coil in an electric motor.

Why is it important that the current in the armature of a motor periodically changes direction?

We have learned when current moves trough the magnetic field, it experiences a force. Since direction of the current, magnetic field and magnetic force are perpendicular, this force will cause the coil to align with the direction of the magnetic field.

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Why does the coil rotate continuously?

The forces on each side of the coil are in the opposite directions to one another, so the coil turns (4). The commutator reverses the current around the coil with every half turn (5) meaning that the coil is pushed in the same direction every half turn, and thus continues to rotate (6).

What is needed to make the coil rotate continuously?

When the coil is vertical, it moves parallel to the magnetic field, producing no force. This would tend to make the motor come to a stop, but two features allow the coil to continue rotating: the momentum of the motor carries it on round a little. a split ring commutator changes the current direction every half turn.

What force makes the coil spin?

A coil of wire becomes an electromagnet when current passes through it. The electromagnet interacts with a permanent magnet, causing the coil to spin.

Why armature is stationary in alternator?

1) The current is drawn directly from fixed terminals on the stator without the use of brush contacts. 2) The insulation of stationary armature winding is easier. 3) The number of sliding contacts (slip rings) is reduced. Moreover, the sliding contacts are used for low-voltage DC Source.

What causes a motor to rotate?

A coil of wire carrying a current in a magnetic field experiences a force that tends to make it rotate. This effect can be used to make an electric motor.

How does the current in the motor cause the coil to rotate?

The coil of wire is mounted in the gap between the two magnets. The split rings make electrical contact with the coil and reverse the current every half turn. When an electric current flows through the coil, a force is exerted on the coil, causing it to spin.

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What causes the motor to keep turning in the same direction?

When the contacts are reconnected, the commutator has reversed the current. So the side of the coil that was being pulled up before is now being pulled down. And vice versa. Therefore the coil keeps spinning in the same direction.