At which point is the electric field stronger?

Which point is the electric field stronger?

The magnitude of an electric field is directly proportional to the density of electric field lines. When the lines are closer to each other, the >electric field is the strongest; when the filed lines are far apart from each other, the electric field is the weakest.

At which point electric field is maximum Why?

The electric field would be maximum at the point that is closest possible to a charge or net charge.

At which point is the electric field strongest quizlet?

A. Vector is down and to the left. The electric field is strongest at A since it is closest to the charge.

When the electric field is maximum?

The maximum of the electric field is always at the border between the p- and the n-type region, since there (and only there) all charges of one kind add up to the maximum possible value.

What is the maximum electric field strength?

In electromagnetic waves, the amplitude is the maximum field strength of the electric and magnetic fields. (See Figure 1.)

Why is electric field zero inside a conductor?

A conductor is a material that has a large number of free electrons available for the passage of current. … Hence in order to minimize the repulsion between electrons, the electrons move to the surface of the conductor. Hence we can say that the net charge inside the conductor is zero.

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Why is electric field stronger at sharp edges?

The electric field near a sharp end of a conductor is higher! There is a simple way to understand why this is so. Consider two conductors at the same potential – one is flat, while the other has a sharp, highly curved, end. … Hence the field is higher immediately next to the conductor, than farther away from it.