Palia: Secret Recipe Guide and Locations - Games Fuze (2024)

In Palia, food is a very important resource. Not only does it restore focus points, it can also be sold and is sometimes required for quest progression. There are some secret recipes which can be tricky to find though.

We’ve written a guide highlighting the locations of these items below, along with some additional tips.

The ways to obtain Secret Recipes can vary in difficulty and in the method required to obtain them. Sometimes, they’re just found in NPC houses, other times you have to look for them in the environment. In the worst case scenario, they’re RNG drops you get from fishing.


To get the Bouillabaisse, you have to head to the location highlighted below.

Palia: Secret Recipe Guide and Locations - Games Fuze (1)

After that, you’ll need to complete the Freshwater Bundle to actually get the Bouillabaisse. Once the bundle is complete, you’ll have access to the recipe.

Palia: Secret Recipe Guide and Locations - Games Fuze (2)

Bouillabaisse takes up some Bass fish and some other resources, while restoring 325 Focus Points. It only takes 3 minutes to cook too, so it’s definitely an item worth investing in.


Sashimi is one of the more boring items to get on the list, because the process to get it relies mostly on RNG. You have to go to the Flooded Fortress and fish in the water surrounding it. You don’t need bait attached to the fishing hook. The area to look for is highlighted below.

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This process can take a lot of time, but patience is the only remedy to the problem. Once you have the recipe, you’ll think it’s all worth it. It’s very cheap to make and only takes 1 minute to cook at a Stove. All you need is some Spices, Rice and Fish.

Trout Dinner

The Trout Dinner can be found in Einar’s house, who is a robot NPC you can talk to. It’s just there ready to be collected, but we need the keys to his house to enter it first. Once inside, it’s fairly easy to find. The location of Einar’s house is highlighted below.

Palia: Secret Recipe Guide and Locations - Games Fuze (4)

To get inside Einar’s house, we first need to get up to Friendship Level 3 with him. That’s when we’ll actually be able to enter his house. So, a bit of time is required to be spent with him first.

Palia: Secret Recipe Guide and Locations - Games Fuze (5)

The recipe itself is quite decent, as it requires pretty much only Trout and gives 200 Focus Points. The other ingredients required are Spice, Potatoes and Garlic, which are very cheap as well.


The Macaron is a bit of a weird one, as it’s just found lying on the ground. Head to the location marked below and you should be able to spot a shopping list inside a pile of dirt.

Palia: Secret Recipe Guide and Locations - Games Fuze (6)

The shopping list requires you to find the following items:

  • 1 Milk
  • 1 Flour
  • 1 Egg
  • 1 Sweet Leaf

Once you find this, a Quest will start where you collect these items. Once finished, you’ll have access to the Macaron recipe. To make it, we need the resources listed below. They can be made in the mixing station and are cooked very fast.

Akwinduu Chapaa

To get the Akwinduu Chapaa recipe, you have to collect a few pieces of floating paper. The first of these can be found in front of the door marked on the map below.

Palia: Secret Recipe Guide and Locations - Games Fuze (7)

To get the second piece of paper, look in the opposite direction of the door. You’ll find a tiny piece of land in the middle of the river with a tree and a bush, the second piece of paper should be there.

Palia: Secret Recipe Guide and Locations - Games Fuze (8)

Then, look towards the left to find a few pieces of Rock. Their gray should be very noticeable against the green of the grass and the yellow of the sand. You’ll find the third and last piece of paper here.

Palia: Secret Recipe Guide and Locations - Games Fuze (9)

Once you’ve found all the pieces, you will be rewarded with the Akwinduu Chapaa recipe. The recipe itself is pretty expensive, and requires a lot of steps to cook as well. It’s best to either make this with friends or make a bunch at once to use while playing the game.


Similar to Sashimi, Sushi also requires a fair bit of RNG to obtain. You need to head to the area below called the Mirror Pond Ruins and start fishing.

Palia: Secret Recipe Guide and Locations - Games Fuze (10)

The Glow Worm bait is required, and you have to keep fishing until you find a glass bottle with a piece of paper inside it. As with most things which rely on RNG, this could take a while, so patience is a key resource when trying to get this Recipe.

Sushi gives 300 Focus Points and a Major Fishing Rod Health Boost, making it a very useful piece of food. Some rare spices, along with some fishes are required to make it.

Cream of Tomato Soup

This requires a Room key from Reth, which requires you to have Friendship Level 3 with him. Once you have it, visit his room on the location marked below.

Palia: Secret Recipe Guide and Locations - Games Fuze (11)

Once inside, look directly to the right and you should see a blue covered book on the counter. Read it to get the Cream of Tomato Soup recipe. To cook it, the primary ingredients are Milk, Tomato and Wheat. These aren’t too hard to get, and you’re rewarded with 275 Focus Points.

Cream of Mushroom Soup

This is one of the harder recipes to get, so you’ll more than likely get it towards late game. It requires a Max Friendship Level 4 with Jina. All you have to do is do the Level 4 quest, which requires talking to Hekla.

Palia: Secret Recipe Guide and Locations - Games Fuze (12)

Hekla wants to cheer Jina up, who’s feeling upset and he needs your help for that. He gives you the Cream of Mushroom recipe to help cheer her up. You need some Mushrooms, Milk, Spice, Wheat, Onion and Garlic to cook Cream of Mushroom Soup. None of these items are particularly hard to get, so you should be fine!

Creamy Carrot Soup

This recipe can be found inside the Library. If you can’t access the library books, you’ll need to keep progressing through story mode.

Palia: Secret Recipe Guide and Locations - Games Fuze (13)

It’s a green covered book, and can be found towards the right of the Library’s bottom floor.

Palia: Secret Recipe Guide and Locations - Games Fuze (14)

Making this soup requires Carrots, Milk, Garlic and Spice. It heals 125 Focus Points.

Fish Stew

This is another RNG based recipe, as you’ll need to spend some time fishing at the Coastline close to Beachcomber Cave. The area to fish at is highlighted below.

Palia: Secret Recipe Guide and Locations - Games Fuze (15)

The bait recommended here is the basic Worm Bait. Once again, we’re going to be fishing until we find a Glass Bottle with the recipe we want inside it. This is especially worth doing in early game, as the Fish Stew is cheap to make but sells for a decent amount.

It requires some Fish Fillet, Garlic and any Spice you have. As said before, it’s recommended to sell it but it’s still a decent choice to eat it instead.

There you have it, a guide for secret recipes and their locations that you can find and sell or eat. Whatever you want to do, these items are very good to use and worth the time and effort required to collect and make!

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Palia: Secret Recipe Guide and Locations - Games Fuze (2024)


What is the most profitable recipe in Palia? ›

176 Gold. One of the highest-value recipes players can buy goes to the Celebration Cake, which is also one of the best foods for focus in Palia. It can be bought from Reth once players reach cooking level 9. Although it does take 3000 gold just to get the recipe, it gives 176 gold per cake when sold.

How to get new recipes in Palia? ›

You can unlock new crafting recipes in Palia in several ways, including by completing objectives, speaking with characters in town, finding recipes out in the world, and crafting items.

Where do I get the apple pie recipe in Palia? ›

Obtain the Recipe

It is a green book located on the countertop inside Delaila's room.

Where can I find the fish stew recipe Palia? ›

Description. Consume to learn the recipe for making Fish Stew. Can be found while fishing in Bahari Coasts using Worms.

What sells for the most in Palia? ›

Most profitable crop in Palia

The best crop in Palia is one that requires the least amount of work for the greatest yield. In this regard, I recommend farming Tomatoes. Tomato seeds can be bought from the General Goods store for 80 gold each, which seems steep but you'll soon make that money back tenfold.

What is the easiest food to make in Palia? ›

Campfire Recipes
Grilled Meat2x Any Red Meat15 seconds
Grilled Mushrooms3x Mountain Morel15 seconds
Grilled Oyster3x Oyster Meat15 seconds
Fisherman's Brew1x Emerald Carpet Moss 1x Crystal Lake Lotus5 seconds
1 more row

What is the fastest way to level cooking in Palia? ›

The fastest way to level cooking is to just spam the recipe you are most comfortable cooking (and you have a lot of ingredients for). I was doing petite fives because I have a million apples and you can buy almost all the other ingredients from Zeki's.

How to get the sashimi recipe Palia? ›

The recipe can be found Fishing in Bahari Rivers with no bait.

How to get kimchi in Palia? ›

Bok Choy Kimchi is a consumable in Palia. It is obtained by adding a Bok Choy to a Preserves Jar.

How to get bacon Palia? ›

Cooking the Sernuk or Chapaa Meat in the Oven to create Bacon. Chopping the Spice Sprouts at the Prep Station. Return to the Oven to collect the cooked Bacon.

How to get trout dinner recipe Palia? ›

The recipe can be found in Einar's Cave after reaching friendship level 3. A perfect Trout Dinner consists of one Prism Trout grilled to perfection seasoned with chopped spice sprouts and just a little bit of butter with roasted potatoes served on the side.

Where is the onion soup recipe in Palia? ›

Onion Soup Recipe Location For The Half Boiled Quest
  1. There are two sheets of the Onion Soup recipe that can be found on Einar's docks, on the edge of the lake at Fisherman's Lagoon. ...
  2. The first sheet is located next to some barrels, just at the end of the dock.
Aug 4, 2023

How to make loaded potato soup palia? ›

Obtain the Recipe

The recipe can be found on a table in the kitchen of Hodari and Najuma's House in Bahari Bay. Nothing is quite as filling as a bowl of Loaded Potato Soup. To make, blend potato and butter for a base, then add onions, bacon, and garlic for extra flavor!

How to get silver salmon palia? ›

Silver Salmon can be caught in Kilima Rivers without bait, during the Evening and Night (6:00 PM - 3:00 AM). Rivers in Kilima Valley.

Where can I find cutthroat trout palia? ›

Location. Cutthroat Trout can be caught in Bahari Rivers using Worms, at any time of day. Rivers in Bahari Bay.

How to earn gold fast in Palia? ›

Hunting Sernuk and Chapaa is not only one of the best early-game methods of making money in Palia, but it also remains a fantastic way of farming gold even in late-game. Not sure where to find Sernuk or Chapaa? Visit IGN's Palia interactive map! Filter the Hunting markers for most common spawn locations.

What is the easiest food to eat in Palia high focus? ›

Corn, grilled meat, and pickled onions are easy and quick food options to recharge Focus in Palia. Hearty Vegetable Soup, Loaded Potato Soup, and Celebration Cake provide higher amounts of Focus but require more ingredients and advanced workstations.

What is the most delicious food in Genshin impact? ›

Nothing can go wrong with the delicious noodle soup dish known as Ramen. This dish is reminiscent of the real-life Tonkotsu Ramen, and it was introduced in the Inazuma update of Genshin Impact.

What is the best specialty food in Genshin? ›

List of Special Dishes
Special DishBase Dish-Character
Ghostly MarchVegetarian AbaloneHu Tao
Invigorating PizzaMushroom PizzaJean
All-Weather BeautyDry-Braised Salted FishKaedehara Kazuha
Fruity SkewersChicken-Mushroom SkewerKaeya
79 more rows

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