Madden 23 OS Community Sliders: Version 8 (2024)

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With EA Play now having Madden 23 on it, it feels like the right time to mention Matt10’s Madden 23 sliders for current-gen consoles, plus mention our Madden sliders section in general. For anyone just now picking up the game, sliders might not be the first thing you scope out, but they might be something you get to soon enough — maybe right around the same time you start to read our in-depth pieces on the game itself and how you can bust it open on offense.

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With that in mind, Matt10 is one of the many people/groups putting out awesome work in our forums to help folks get the most of their sports video games. With that said, I’ll hand it over to Matt10 to showcase the sliders and talk about what the big changes are in these. As always, head to the thread on the forums to get the most in-depth look at these sliders and also read everyone’s thoughts on them (and maybe share your own).

Madden 23 Sliders

Madden 23 OS Community Sliders: Version 8 (1)

Matt10’s Madden 23 Sliders – Version 8 || feat. MrHurriicane

Game Options
*Please see spoilers in the OP for previous version values. Previous version values are noted in parentheses.*

Skill Level: All-Madden and All-Pro
Game Style: Simulation
Quarter Length: 13 minutes
Accelerated Clock: On
Minimum Play Clock Time: 15 seconds
System: Current Gen (PS5, XB Series X)
Rosters: EA Default (Active or Preseason)
Auto-subs: Default
Superstar Abilities: On | Personal Preference

Gameplay Helpers

Auto Flip Defensive Play Call: Off
Defensive Ball Hawk: On
Defensive Heat Seeker Assist: Off
Defensive Switch Assist: Off

Player Sliders

Injuries: 25
Fatigue: 50
Speed Disparity Scale: 48


Offside: 75 (previous: 45)
False Start: 50
Offensive Holding: 75
Facemask: 85
Illegal Block in the Back: 50
Roughing the Passer: 45 (previous: 50)
Defensive Pass Interference: 70 (previous: 50)
Ineligible Receiver Downfield: On
Offensive Pass Interference: On
Kick Catch Interference: On
Intentional Grounding: Off
Roughing the Kicker: On
Running into the Kicker: On
Illegal Contact: Off

Gameplay Sliders

////All-Madden USER/CPU

QB Accuracy: 50/48
Pass Blocking: 50/45
WR Catch: 40/40
Run Blocking: 50/48
Fumbles: 51/51
Pass Defensive Reaction: 70/65
Interceptions: 25/25
Pass Coverage: 55/52 (Previous: 50/52)
Tackling: 50/48 (previous: 52/48)

////All-Pro USER/CPU

QB Accuracy: 45/55
Pass Blocking: 35/55
WR Catch: 35/50
Run Blocking: 25/75 (previous: 25/65)
Fumbles: 50/55
Pass Defensive Reaction: 50/55
Interceptions: 15/35
Pass Coverage: 50/55
Tackling: 48/55

Special Teams

FG Power: 55/65
FG Accuracy: 35/30
Punt Power: 50/50
Punt Accuracy: 50/50
Kickoff Power: 50/50

Madden 23 OS Community Sliders: Version 8 (2)

Thoughts From Matt10

Hi everyone, I know it has been a while since I’ve updated the sliders here. The reason really is that I didn’t feel there was much tweaking needed throughout the patch updates. However, the most recent update(s) have kind of hurt some things a bit with the set. As a result, I went through and tested the base and managed to find some values that needed adjusting.

The first issue I saw was the coverage from both User and CPU. At times I would see the DBs/LBs jogging while in man coverage. It was a subtle animation, but one that suggested that there is a sense of passiveness to their attitude overall. As a result, I had to raise offside to get them well in front of the coverage and make sure that they go back to putting an arm on the receiver they are covering. Once that animation returned, I could feel both the coverage was there, but so was the perception of the CPU QB that this wasn’t as easy as just running routes and playing catch. This had to be key for both the All-Madden set and the All-Pro set.

With All-Pro I could just adjust the penalty values, but with All-Madden, I had to verify the previous Version 7 coverage and reaction values were intact. This is why QBA for the CPU took a drop and User PCV got a bump. CPU QBA is mainly to get more of those throws to look more realistic in the timing rather than just perfect pass and catching. Coverage is tighter, so there has to be a precision that most elite QBs can perform — but not to the point that they don’t feel human as well. Very hard to do on All-Madden considering the CPU QB is always boosted a bit more.

Madden 23 OS Community Sliders: Version 8 (3)

With those adjustments, the pass coverage was in a much better spot for both All-Madden and All-Pro sets. However, I still wanted there to be a need for progression, but I also want the receivers to stand out as playmakers on their own – which separates really good teams from the mediocre ones. To further emphasize this, I raised DPI for a better timed reaction by the defenders, but I also lowered RTP so they are more aggressive in their attempts towards the ball carrier or intended receiver. This makes for some great runs after the catch or for RBs to perform skill moves in the open field.

The set finishes off with the User tackling going down to 50 from 52. This just allows less attempts at harder hits when there should be wrap up tackles. It should reduce the shorter RBs ability to break tackles by bigger defensive players initially. After that, I felt that the FG power for the user was a bit overpowered, so it’s been dropped a bit. Keep in mind, I’ve also switched completely over to using the kicking meter to power and aim – so not using the analog stick to aim at all. It’s been tricky, but very rewarding.

Overall, I am content with where the game is at right now. I am hoping a bit for a patch to fix some coverages, in particular some blitz coverages, but the game plays really solid and there is plenty of variety to look forward to. I think the CPU QBs perception is really key in establishing that variety where it won’t feel like just another pass and catch type of game. I got tired of seeing every route play out perfectly, with no sense of resistance or not feeling any indecision on my own throws. It just got a bit boring, and I’m glad with a couple tweaks, it’s now a lot more challenging. Hopefully that is what you experience, but if not, definitely post concerns. Give it a couple games of course, but regardless, I look forward to hearing feedback as always.

Enjoy Version 8!


Madden 23 OS Community Sliders: Version 8 (2024)
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