Madden 23 Guide: Setting Up Your Franchise for the Most Realistic Experience (2024)

This guide will provide a detailed walkthrough on setting up your Madden NFL 23 franchise for the most immersive and realistic experience. Please note that this guide is intended for players who want to commit to a long-term build and are willing to put in the extra effort to maintain their franchise. If you prefer a more casual approach to franchise mode, there may be a better guide for you.

  • Choosing Franchise Type
  • League Setting
  • Making Extra Characters
  • Team Setting
  • Weekly Training Set Up
  • Trading
  • Madden Trade Calculator Tool
  • Madden Story Generator Tool
  • Resigning Players
  • Drafting
  • Progressive Fatigue Setting
  • Outro

Choosing Franchise Type

The offline file is the best way to create a new league. This allows you to avoid server issues while preventing data loss or inaccessibility.

League Setting

Before starting your franchise in Madden NFL 23, adjust the League Settings to your preferred skill level. Disable Practice Squad Stealing to prevent teams from taking entire squads from other teams. Set Roster Protection to 46, Star Move to 500 and leave Practice Reps and Phil Rosser off. You can also choose to be the Owner and name yourself. This will allow you to control the coach and system, enhancing your gaming experience.

Making Extra Characters

To set up an offline profile on PlayStation 5 or Xbox, press the button that makes the music pop up. Scroll to characters and select 'Create New Character'. You can do this 31 times for every team. You can choose to be either an owner or coach of the team. If you choose a coach, you can keep the coach the same. Select 'League Settings' for the next important part of the setup.

Team Setting

If you want to create an additional profile in a game, the User Team Help section is the place to go. Set the options to Full Control and configure the settings accordingly: Trades and Free Agency to Auto, Dream Management to Auto, Scouting Players and League Advancement to Auto, and the remaining four to Manual.

Keeping all the settings on for the entire game is unnecessary. After the configuration is complete, you can create the extra profile. To ensure that all profiles are correctly set up, starting with all 31 teams may be necessary. This can be time-consuming, but it will be worth it.

Weekly Training Set Up

For the best Madden 23 NFL experience, create a profile for yourself and the 31 other teams in the franchise. Simulate a week, then adjust the weekly strategy to set the intensity to full pads. This will provide the most fatigue and XP to upgrade players.

Set the reps split to split, enabling starters and backups to gain XP. If progressive fatigue is on, the starters will become too tired, and the backups will not gain any XP, so turn it off. Head to the franchise settings and set the weekly training and practice reps to auto or manual, depending on your preference.

Finally, customize your team and have at least 100 episodes of Madden 23 NFL for a complete gaming experience.


This franchise file empowers you to take command of all teams, eliminating the need for offers and trades. You can manually add players to the trade block or use the Madden Trade Calculator to make trades with the CPU team. This tool helps you make fair trades that are accepted automatically.

Additionally, you can use the salary page of teams to check for players who are in their last year of contract or are older, like Tony Pollard. If you find a team with a lower overall rating, like the Panthers (76), you can use the tool to make a fair trade for a higher overall player, such as the Cowboys' Tony Pollard (87).

Madden Trade Calculator Tool

Create a more balanced and immersive Madden 23 experience with theMadden Trade CalculatorandMadden 23 Story Generator. The Trade Calculator helps you make fair trades for all teams involved by calculating the trade value of the picks and players you input.

You can also add extra picks to make the trade more even. The Story Generator adds extra elements to your team, making the experience more immersive. Thank you to the developers who created these amazing tools

Madden Story Generator Tool

This sheet is an essential tool for creating an unpredictable and exciting franchise season. With just a few clicks, you can randomize stories and events on Microsoft Excel by hitting F9, or refreshing the page on Google Drive. For each section, this sheet explains what changes should be made: for instance, the player arrest section will tell you the team and the week the player will be out.

And for contract negotiations, you can manually decide what happens. With the weekly and mid-season sections, you can roll the dice and get either a storyline or nothing, adding an extra layer of excitement and surprise to your franchise experience.

Resigning Players

If you want to manage the re-signing of players yourself in Madden 23, you will have to put in a lot of work to make sure teams look different in the future. However, if you choose to let the AI do it, you will see some unrealistic results, like Justin Herbert and Patrick Mahomes ending up in the same free agency.

To make things even more difficult, you can only consider players highly interested in joining your team. If their interest is low, they likely do not want to stay, so you should not try to re-sign them. Contract negotiations can be a difficult but important part of creating your franchise.


Creating your franchise in Madden 23 can be difficult but rewarding, requiring time and effort to manage the re-signing of players and ensuring teams look different in the future. Relying on AI to do this will yield unrealistic results, like Justin Herbert and Patrick Mahomes ending up in the same free agency.

It is also important to only consider players with a high interest in joining your team; if their interest is low, they probably do not want to stay and should not be re-signed.

Progressive Fatigue Setting

When discussing training, I forgot you could turn off progressive fatigue for all teams. This setting will stay as full pad split but won't track fatigue, so you don't have to worry about a CPU team getting fatigued in the playoffs. If you want to keep it on for each team, you can, but if you don't want to worry about it, turn it off. That's all I have to say, so I had to add it at the end.


I explored ways to make the game more enjoyable and immersive in this guide. I tried to cut out some of the ramblings, so I hope you can use this advice to have more fun with the franchise. If you liked what you saw, please consider liking and subscribing. I also do regular franchise runs in Madden 23, using the same techniques just shown. Thanks for watching, and I'll see you next time!


This guide offers all the resources you need to ensure a realistic and immersive experience in Madden 23. Utilize the Madden Trade Calculator and Madden Story Generator to ensure a balanced, unbiased franchise. Additionally, using the league settings, weekly training setup, and managing of re-signing players and drafting, you can create a unique, enjoyable gaming experience.

Madden 23 Guide: Setting Up Your Franchise for the Most Realistic Experience (2024)
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