How to Set Realistic Game Sliders in Madden 23 (2024)

There is so much to adjust to your preferences in Madden 23 that it can get rather overwhelming very quickly. Unlike other sports games published by EA where setting gameplay preferences comes down to difficulty and/or disabling injuries, Madden 23 has a whole new system in place for players to determine what type of football they wish to play. Like with every new game however, players will not only face bugs and glitches but have to adjust and move far from the default Settings that the Developer provide. Although Madden 24 is on the horizon, set to release in August 2023, players are always looking to adjust their gameplay for a more realistic setting and to observe pure, glorious football. Therefore, this is Vincent’s guide on what are the best realistic game sliders to use in Madden 23.

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How to Set Realistic Game Sliders in Madden 23

Since August 2022, players have been experimenting with the Madden 23 Settings. These changes have often surrounded the ask for a more realistic version of football which EA never seem to offer in the default Settings of the game. But with the continuous search for realism comes the inevitable change in Settings with each update of the game. If you are looking the best realism settings to use however, players will want to head into their Slider Settings and begin the adjustments from here. What realism typically entails in Madden 23 is the alteration of intelligence in the game’s AI. From interferences and holds to better passes and catches to keep all players on their toes and increase the intensity of a match.

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The sliders that will require your attention are Player and CPU Sliders, these will dictate how your team, players and AI opponents react to their ball and make the appropriate plays based on the setting of the match you are going for. With the Default Settings set to 50 out of 100, you will find that this often does not emulate a realistic football match. Because of this, players can often find themselves burnt out or bored of the repetitive and predictable flow of play that they experience with the Default Settings. If you want a more realistic match, you will want Settings just like, or similar to what is demonstrated below.

Best Sliders for Realism

When setting up Game Settings, this will predominately be based on preferences rather than set rules players should use no matter what. Depending on how much you play Madden will determine what Difficulty Settings you choose however, for those looking for realism, set Game Style to Simulation. We also highly recommend you turn off the Superstar Abilities. Other Settings can match what is listed below, however it is more based on your preferences but in simulating realism, these Settings would be the most viable:


  • Skill Level – All-Madden (predominately based on preference)
  • Game Style – Simulation

Clock Management

  • Quarter Length – 10 Minutes
  • Play Clock – ON
  • Accelerated Clock – OFF

Gameplay Helpers

  • Auto Flip Defensive Play Call – OFF
  • Defensive Ball Hawk – ON
  • Defensive Heat Seeker Assist – OFF
  • Defensive Switch Assist – OFF
  • Coach Mode – OFF

Player Sliders

  • Injuries – 25
  • Fatigue – 70
  • Player Speed Parity Scale – 0


  • Offside – 35
  • False Start – 35
  • Offensive Holding – 35
  • Facemask – 35
  • Illegal Block in the Back – 35
  • Roughing the Passer – 35
  • Defensive Pass Interference – 35
  • Offensive Pass Interference – ON
  • Kick Catch Interference – ON
  • Illegal Block in the Back – 35
  • Intentional Grounding – ON
  • Roughing Passing – ON
  • Roughing Kicker – ON
  • Running into the Kicker – ON
  • Illegal Contact – ON

Player Skills

  • QB Accuracy – 15
  • Pass Blocking – 0
  • WR Catching – 40
  • Run Blocking – 15
  • Fumbles – 10
  • Reaction Time – 0
  • Interceptions – 12
  • Pass Coverage – 0
  • Tackling – 25

CPU Skills

  • QB Accuracy – 20
  • Pass Blocking – 18
  • WR Catching – 70
  • Run Blocking – 10
  • Fumbles – 65
  • Pass Defense Reaction Time – 20
  • Interceptions – 37
  • Pass Coverage – 10
  • Tackling – 37

Special Teams

  • FG Power – 5
  • FG Accuracy – 5
  • Punt Power – 5
  • Punt Accuracy – 5
  • Kickoff Power – 5

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How to Set Realistic Game Sliders in Madden 23 (2024)
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