How to Get Training Points in Madden 23 | Complete Guide (2024)

Discover the secrets to earning training points in Madden 23. Enhance your players and build a championship team with our expert tips!


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Every Madden enthusiast knows the thrill of building the ultimate team. But as the anticipation for Madden 23 grows, many are left wondering: how can we maximize our team’s potential with training points?

While the specifics for Madden 23 remain under wraps, we can make some educated guesses based on the series’ history. Let’s dive into the world of training points and how they can elevate your Madden Ultimate Team (MUT) experience.

TL;DR: Key Takeaways

  • Training points are crucial for upgrading player attributes in MUT.
  • While Madden 23 details are still forthcoming, past games offer insights into earning these points.
  • Solo challenges, gameplay, and packs are primary sources of training points.
  • Quick-selling high-OVR players can be a strategic move for gaining more points.
  • Investing real money can fast-track your training point accumulation.

Training Points in MUT

Training points, the lifeblood of MUT, are a form of currency used to enhance players. Whether you’re a newbie learning the ropes through solo challenges or a seasoned player battling it out in the arena, these points are your ticket to boosting specific player attributes. The goal? Building a formidable team that dominates the gridiron.

Strategies to Accumulate Training Points

While we’re all eagerly awaiting the specifics of Madden 23, history suggests several avenues to earn these coveted points:

1. Solo Challenges

For those new to MUT, solo challenges are your best friend. Not only do they help you grasp the basics, but they also offer rewards, including training points. As you hone your skills, these challenges can be a steady source of points to bolster your team.

2. Gameplay

Once you’ve mastered solo challenges, it’s time to face off against other players. Winning games can net you a healthy amount of training points and MUT coins, enhancing your team’s prowess.

3. Quick-Selling Players

Every player in Madden has a Quick Sell value, which can be traded for coins or training points. High-OVR players, in particular, can fetch a generous training bonus. If you’re in a pinch, selling these players can provide a significant boost in training points.

4. Purchasing Packs

For those looking to accelerate their training point accumulation, buying packs with real money can be an option. Each pack offers a chance at training points and other valuable MUT items. While this method requires an investment, it can be a quick way to elevate your team.

Evolution of Training Points in Madden

The Madden series, a staple in the gaming community, has seen numerous changes over the years, with each iteration bringing new features, mechanics, and strategies. One of the most significant additions in recent times has been the introduction of training points. These points, while seemingly simple, have added a layer of depth and strategy to the Madden Ultimate Team experience.

Introduced as a way to give players more control over their team’s development, training points shifted the dynamics of team building. No longer were players solely reliant on the luck of the draw from packs; they now had a tangible way to influence player growth directly. This addition was met with enthusiasm as it provided a more hands-on approach to team management.

Strategic depth and player choice

With the power to upgrade player attributes, training points brought a new dimension of strategy to Madden. Players had to make crucial decisions: Do you invest heavily in a single star player, turning them into a powerhouse on the field? Or do you spread out your points, ensuring a well-rounded team? These choices added layers of depth, making each game a unique experience.

Economy of training points

As with any currency in a game, an economy quickly developed around training points. Players began to calculate the best ways to earn, spend, and maximize their points. This led to a bustling in-game market, with players trading, buying, and selling to get the best bang for their buck. The introduction of training points, in essence, created a mini-economy within the Madden universe, further immersing players in the world of team management.


While the Madden community awaits the specifics of Madden 23, understanding the importance of training points and strategies to earn them remains crucial. By leveraging these insights and strategies, players can ensure they’re well-prepared to build the ultimate team when Madden 23 hits the shelves.


What are training points used for in Madden?

Training points are used to upgrade player attributes in Madden Ultimate Team, enhancing their performance on the field.

How can I earn training points without spending real money?

Players can earn training points through gameplay, completing solo challenges, and quick-selling players in their roster.

Are training points transferable between players?

No, once you use training points on a player, they are dedicated to that player and cannot be transferred.

How do high-OVR players impact training points?

High-OVR players have a higher Quick Sell value, which can be traded for a more significant amount of training points compared to lower-OVR players.

Can I buy training points with real money?

Yes, players can purchase packs with real money, which have a chance of containing training points and other MUT items.


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How to Get Training Points in Madden 23 | Complete Guide (2024)
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